Julie Harkness Net Worth

Julie Harkness is a versatile American artist, actress, and hostess. She is also a social media influencer and television personality. This versatile artist was born on November 2, 1966 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her family background is diverse, with her mother being a Civil Rights Activist and her father being a basketball player.

Julie Harkness is of mixed European and African ancestry. Her father, Jerry Harkness, was a professional basketball player. He was the captain of the team that won the 1963 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship. During his time playing professionally, he made the longest shot in the history of the ABA league. In addition, he is a three-time Hall of Famer. His sister, Judy Harkness, is a Civil Rights Activist.

Throughout her life, Julie has worked for various stage shows, films, and radio programs. She has appeared in Broadway shows like “Hello Dolly”, as well as appearing in several national commercials. Before she became a popular actress and TV personality, she began her career as a radio host. While working at Radio City, she served as a Rockette for ten years. Later on, she took on a position as On Air Reporter for Made in Hollywood.

Harkness has worked with many famous artists and celebrities, including Will Smith, Sandra Bullock, Tom Holland, and Charlize Theron. She has also interviewed Leonardo DiCaprio, Denzel Washington, and Margot Robbie. Besides acting, she is involved in the film industry, and she has traveled around the country to promote different films.

Julie’s family includes her mother, Judith Carroll Harkness, and her father, Jerry Harkness. Julie has two sisters, one of whom is a volleyball player, and the other is a basketball player. Also, she has two children. One of her daughters is seventeen years old, and the other is fifteen. Several photos of the family are shared on the Internet.

Julie is a talented performer, and she has worked as a writer for Dance Spirit magazine. She has also starred in films, including Jimmy Buffett’s Coral Refer Band and “That Thing You Do” with Tom Hanks. She has also been a judge for the “Showstoppers” National Dance Competition for fifteen years.

Although she has a successful career, Julie Harkness has not experienced any romantic relationships. Nevertheless, she cherishes her relationship with her family and friends. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her children. She has an annual birthday celebration in November. And she likes to share her thoughts on social media.

Julie Harkness has a net worth of 1.4 million dollars. She has a large family, and she has been married to David A. Arnold for twenty years. They have two children together. Besides acting, she owns her own dance company, The Dance Visionary Co.

As an actress, she earned $393,750. In addition, she has been a spokesperson for a number of famous brands and companies. She has also worked for made in Hollywood and Walt Disney Productions. She has also been the entertainment correspondent for CBS’s “KCAL 9 News”. With her extensive work in the media industry, she has been able to make her money and live a happy life.