Justin Chiasson – Louisiana Net Worth Revealed

The world of social media has made it possible for the everyday person to gain a following on a scale that most celebrities can only dream about. Justin Chisson is one such person. He is a Louisiana state police trooper who has gained millions of followers online under the moniker of Stalekracker. His net worth is not known, but he has a lot of fans and has a big mouth.

Justin Chisson got his start on TikTok, a video sharing app. While he did not go to extremes such as making an actual video, he has since become a social media superstar. His videos have amassed millions of views and he has a legion of devoted fans. In fact, he has been able to earn a substantial sum of money from his videos. One of his most successful YouTube videos, titled “The Best Kept Secret,” went for over three million views in just a few weeks.

He and his wife Amy have two kids, Hoyt and Karlee. They also live in Louisiana. There have been no reports of any legal issues with the couple, and no formal disciplinary hearing has been scheduled. But Justin Chiasson could find himself out of a job.

On July 23, 2022, the Louisiana State Police (LSP) received a tip about a watercraft opportunistic. This was not just any old opportunistic, but a real life case of careless operation of a watercraft. The incident took place when the off-duty parish deputy was out on the waters, and the boat that they were on smashed into another pontoon boat. A few passengers were hurt in the crash and law enforcement intercepted the hapless duo.

While there are no formal charges against Justin, he was placed on leave after the incident. An administrative investigation was launched by the State Police commissioner. Meanwhile, a WBRZ Insightful Unit was created to conduct an investigation into the matter. As a result, they gathered instant messages between Justin and his better half and came up with a few tidbits of information.

A few months later, Justin and his wife were involved in a boating incident of their own. According to the aforementioned tip, the most important thing to do is to be safe. It has been reported that the best time to head out for a sail is in the morning before the sun gets too high. And in the event that an emergency arises, it is always good to have someone on the boat who knows the local lingo. For this reason, Justin Chiasson’s TikTok videos have been largely absent for a week now. However, he did share a picture of his wife on her birthday.

While the best that this saga has to offer has yet to be fully resolved, there is no doubt that Justin and Amy are lucky to be together and to have a healthy family. Their children are a source of much joy and are a big reason for their popularity.