Kathy Boudin Net Worth

Kathy Boudin, born on May 19, 1943, was an American leftist activist. She was an associate of the Weather Underground, a group that carried out several terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C. Among them were bombings of the US Capitol and the New York Police Benevolent Association.

As a child, Kathy spent her time in Greenwich Village, New York. Her paternal grandparents emigrated from Russia, and her great-uncle was Marxist theorist Louis B. Boudin. While growing up, Kathy loved to listen to all kinds of music, and she was inspired by thoughtful introspection.

In 1965, she attended Bryn Mawr College. She graduated from the college with a degree in Russian studies. At the age of 22, she studied in the Soviet Union. After returning to the U.S., she enrolled in a graduate program at Columbia University Teachers College. She also consulted for Vermont Corrections and the Women’s Prison Association. During her years in the prison, she became an expert in public health.

After serving a lengthy sentence, she was released from prison in 2003. She was later appointed as an adjunct professor of social work at the Columbia University School of Social Work. However, she died in 2022.

During her life, she fought cancer for seven years. Aside from her role in the Weather Underground, she was convicted of a felony murder in 1984. In the end, she was given a 75-year prison term. This was the longest sentence ever given for the crime. During her imprisonment, she wrote poetry. The poems were published in various publications, including Concrete Garden and Doing Time.

In 1980, she conceived a son with David Gilbert. Upon her release, she had regular visits with her son, Chesa, for 22 years. By the time of her death, he had become a district attorney in San Francisco. Now, he is facing a recall election over soft-on-crime policies.

As of today, the estimated net worth of Kathy Boudin is about $1 million to $5 million. Most of her earnings come from her role as an education expert. Additionally, she was a consultant for the HIV/AIDS Clinic at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center. Also, she has been a guest speaker at several university conferences. Besides her academic work, she has co-authored the Foster Care Handbook for Incarcerated Parents.

Kathy Boudin is survived by her brother, Michael, and her son, Chesa. In addition, her mother, Jean (Roisman) Boudin, passed away earlier this month. Among her honorary grandchildren are Dalin, Light, Jacai, Nala, and Teo.

Kathy Boudin is a true model for other generations. Although she spent some of her life in prison, she was able to overcome her illness. Despite the fact that she was a member of the Weather Underground, she changed her ways after she left the group.

Throughout her life, she was inspired by a desire to change the world. She was also a gift-giver. As a result, she was adopted by dozens of young people. Some of her other relatives include a prominent political figure and a poet.