Keith Andreen Net Worth – How Much Does Keith Andreen Earn?

Keith Andreen is a famous actor from America who is known for his role in The Surrogate (2013) and Death Valley. He also starred in many movies and television series. Among his many successful projects, he has been earning huge sums from his acting career. It is estimated that he earns between $55,880 and $100,000 per year.

Keith was born on August 24, 1974, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. His father was an auto mechanic and his mother was a theatre actor. He attended school, participated in various plays, and played football and soccer during his high school years. Eventually, he became interested in acting and went on to study. After graduating, he worked in different positions related to his studies. During his spare time, he practiced his acting skills.

In addition to acting, Keith has also worked as a cameraman for videos. Some of his most popular movies include American Gun (2005), Restored Me (2014), and The Resistance (2010-2012). Besides his work as an actor, Keith also works as a director. Currently, Keith lives with his wife Katrina Law and their daughter Kinsey. They have been together for over a decade, and their marriage has been a success. Their first child was Kinsey Ardeen in 2018.

Before his acting career, Keith Dawson was interested in academics. He attended college in 1992. During his college life, he took part in several events and activities. He even earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. However, his true passion was photography. Therefore, he practiced it as a hobby. Nevertheless, he made his film debut in 2001, and was seen in the short movie Making of the SAG Picket Line.

As an actor, Keith has been recognized for his intense and passionate performances. Several of his movies and TV series have been highly rated and received critical acclaim. Among these are Love is Love and Nudity Required. Other movies he has starred in are Snow Bride, Pandemic: Book III in the Infected Trilogy, Richard III, and The Surrogate.

When he is not acting, Keith enjoys nature. He likes travelling to exotic places, especially in Africa. Moreover, he loves being in a small town. He prefers traveling during the winter months.

One of his favorite actresses is Kate Winslet. Keith has stated that he would have been a photographer if he did not become an actor. Currently, he is working as a cameraman for video productions. He has an expensive camera. While on set, he is a hardworking person. Despite his busy schedule, he finds time to take photos and post them on his Instagram account.

Keith is an avid user of social media, and has over 700 pictures posted on his IG. Though he has no official profile, he is often seen posting photos of his own work and that of others. Currently, he has a total of 7k followers. Most of his pictures are his own work. But, he does occasionally share high-quality photos with his fans.