Kellye Nakahara Net Worth

When it comes to the life of Kellye Nakahara, the American actress and artist, there is no doubt that she has spent a lot of time and effort to get where she is now. She has worked hard to become rich, and her achievements have earned her a net worth of $10 million. While she has been a very successful actress, she has also been an active painter and a visual artist.

Kellye Nakahara was born on January 1, 1950 in Oahu, Hawaii. She was raised in the United States and attended Kalani High School in Honolulu. Later, she moved to San Francisco. There, she began studying art. From there, she moved to Los Angeles. In 1998, she opened her own studio in Pasadena, California. Her studio was a success, and she held a solo exhibition. It was so popular that over 800 people came to the show.

Before she began acting, she was a painter. After she started acting, she was not able to devote as much time to painting as she wanted to. But, she soon returned to her love of painting. Since then, she has become an arts curator and has worked on historical monuments, including the White House. Besides painting, she is a member of the East-West Players’ Acquisition Committee.

Kellye Nakahara starred in several films, including Amazon Women on the Moon, The Nurse, Shattered, and 3 Ninjas Kick Back. She also appeared in Crisis Center, Growing Pains, and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. One of her best known roles was Nurse Kellye on the TV show M*A*S*H. She portrayed the character of a nurse in 165 episodes of the series, from 1973 to 1983.

While working as a painter, she became friends with many artists, and eventually, she began to take on acting roles. She was originally a background character in the popular television show M*A*S*H, but the role got more attention after she had a relationship with the crew and writers. This allowed her to have a role on other television shows.

Although she is an accomplished artist, she keeps her personal life under wraps. However, it is said that she has two children: William and Nalani. Both are married. Nalani is currently married to Lee. Previously, Nalani was married to David Wallet. Their sons are Max and Grayson. They are expecting a third child.

Besides being a painter, Kellye Nakahara was also a member of a vocal group called Town Singer. She participated in the vocal group and had her own studio in Pasadena. She later took on the position of commissioner for the arts in Pasadena. She also has an extensive list of awards, including a Golden Globe award.

Currently, Kellye Nakahara is estimated to have a net worth of $5 million. The exact amount of money she earns may vary greatly, and the source of that income is unknown. However, the following are a few online sources: IMDb, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Google.