Kevin Levrone Net Worth

If you are one of the people who are interested in fitness and bodybuilding, you might be familiar with Kevin Levrone. He is a well-known professional bodybuilder, musician, actor and blogger. And you may even have heard of his famous nickname, “The Uncrowned King of Mr. Olympia.”

As a bodybuilder, he won 68 IFBB Professional contests. His best win was the IFBB Arnold Classic in 1994 and 1996. After that, he finished second in the Grand Prix England. But before that, he had a runner-up finish at the IFBB Mr. Maryland contest in 1990.

Aside from being a successful bodybuilder, he also has his own supplement brand called Shaaboom Pump. It is a very popular supplement among the athletes. This supplement is needed to perform at the maximum level in the gym.

The American IFBB professional bodybuilder Kevin Mark Levrone was born on July 16, 1964, in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. His father is Italian-American and his mother is African-American.

He was the youngest of his four siblings. When he was in high school, he lost both of his parents. In his early twenties, he lived in Marley, Jamaica for two years. Later, he moved to Linthicum, Maryland, where he found another fitness center. There, he began to take part in the National Fitness health club. At the age of 27, he started competing professionally. Despite having broken tendons and multiple injuries, he managed to train for the competition, despite all of his difficulties.

During the course of his career, he has won many awards, including the Mr. National Championship, the amateur National Championship, and the IFBB Arnold Classic. Also, he has placed second in several Mr. Olympia competitions, including four times.

However, he has also been accused of being a lavish man. Even after retiring from his career, he continued to make money through endorsements and sponsorships. On top of that, he has also made money from blogging and music. He is a very active social media personality and has a significant number of followers on both Facebook and YouTube. He posts daily fitness videos. Besides, he has a blog on his website.

Kevin Levrone has an estimated net worth of $2 million. Among his earnings, he earns from his blogging, music, and bodybuilding. Currently, he is promoting the bodybuilding apparel company Darcsport. He also has his own online training program. Other than that, he earns from his personal clients.

Kevin Levrone is considered as one of the most famous and popular bodybuilders. He is also the IFBB Hall of Famer. For his accomplishments, he has been compared with Shawn Ray and Kenneth ‘Flex’ Wheeler. Some of his famous achievements include his runner-up finish at the 1992 Mr. Olympia contest, his success at the IFBB Arnold Classic, his performance at the Night of Champions, his success in a number of Mr. Olympics contests, and his appearance in several movies.

In addition to his success in the IFBB, he has also worked as an actor and model. His acting career includes the movies Redline and I Am.