Kevin Peter Hall Net Worth

If you were to make a list of the best Actors in the United States, Kevin Peter Hall would probably be one of your top choices. Besides his roles in films such as Predator and Harry and the Hendersons, he was also a finalist for the role of Geordi La Forge in Star Trek: The Next Generation. He also had a starring role in a cult classic movie, Highway to Hell.

Kevin Peter Hall was born on May 9, 1955 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. His father was 6’6″, and his mother stood at 6’2″. While attending high school, he was a standout basketball player. During his college career, he played professional basketball in Venezuela for two years. After graduation, he started his acting career. In 1979, he appeared in the film Prophecy, which was directed by John Frankenheimer.

In 1988, he married Alaina Reed. They have two children, James and Jessica. Besides acting, he has been a guitarist and songwriter. Aside from his movies, he also had a recurring role on the NBC sitcom 227.

Before his acting career, he was a very popular athlete. During his time playing basketball, he averaged about 18 points a game. At the end of his career, he weighed in at 220 pounds. This was a significant feat in the history of athletics, as most African Americans have a difficult time achieving this kind of physique.

In fact, he was the biggest of his seven siblings. Kevin acted in several minor roles in his early career, and later became a big name in the horror genre. One of his early roles was as an alien in the 1980 film “Without Warning”. Another notable role was in the 1990 sequel “Predator 2.”

In addition to his acting career, he has been married to his high school sweetheart, Alaina Reed. Their relationship lasted until Alaina’s death in 1991. When their daughter, Jessica, was born, the couple moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Eventually, they divorced in 2016.

When he was a young man, he was interested in sports, and in particular, baseball. He attended Penn Hills High School, where he was the best player on the team. However, his passion for basketball was more enduring. By the time he graduated, he was one of the top players on the varsity. Afterwards, he played professionally in Venezuela.

Although he never won a championship, he did play on the national level. He was a two-time all-conference selection in his senior year. During his junior year, he finished at a staggering six feet, nine inches.

As an actor, he had an enormous net worth. During his acting career, his total income was over $11 million. Now, his net worth has risen to $44 million. Of course, his main source of income is his acting career.

In addition to his acting career, a lot of his other achievements have helped boost his net worth. Some of his notable awards include the 2006 Gramophone Award for his performance in a piece called the “Dream of a Lifetime”, which he wrote and recorded. It won the “Disc of the Year” from the Daily Telegraph.