King Cid Net Worth 2022

King Cid is a famous American YouTuber, social media influencer, and musician. He was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on August 26, 2000. His real name is Jason Cid.

Before becoming a YouTube star, King Cid was a high school basketball player. In addition to playing for his school, he represented his hometown, Fort Lauderdale. When he was a young man, he worked in a call center, but eventually quit. It was at that time he devoted all his spare time to making videos. One of his early videos, which got a lot of attention, was a video of a friend jumping out of a moving school bus. Upon seeing the popularity of this video, Cid decided to start his own YouTube channel.

Soon, he started uploading prank videos on his own channel. He also created “Smash or Pass” content, one of the most popular prank blueprints. As a result of his popularity, King Cid began receiving sponsorship from brands in the United States. After gaining a large number of followers, King Cid voluntarily stepped away from his job to work on his channel full-time.

Although Cid did not go to college, he was able to earn a decent salary. He was able to use the money he earned from his YouTube channel to buy a car. However, he had no plans to continue working for the next five years. Rather, he hoped that he would have enough time to work on his YouTube channel.

As an online entrepreneur, King Cid has a large following, which allows him to generate revenue on a daily basis. The estimated annual income he receives from YouTube is approximately $330,000. He has been known to share snippets of his videos on his personal social media account. Besides his YouTube videos, King Cid also posts videos on his Instagram account.

King Cid’s Instagram account has an estimated audience of over 800k followers. King Cid is also known for posting videos on TikTok. His videos have earned millions of views, and have become the talk of the internet.

He is also a vlogger, creating comedy and lifestyle videos. He has also been known to share his thoughts on his personal life. During his early days, King Cid had a long-term relationship with a social media star, Breann Llewelyn. While they were together, the two of them often appeared in the same videos.

Though he has an estimated net worth of $300 thousand, King Cid has not been able to disclose his full wealth. Some sources have cited him as being worth $500 thousand. Nevertheless, King Cid’s popularity and fame have helped him to earn a huge fortune.

Aside from his YouTube and Instagram channels, King Cid is also the creator of the Last to Get Knocked Out franchise. It has become a hit, and it has received over 35 million views. Moreover, he has been able to create numerous challenge and prank franchises, which have gained a huge amount of fans.