Kollege Kidd Net Worth – Who is Raysean Autry?

Kollege Kidd was a media company and online platform for millennial hip hop heads. It was founded in 2011. The company’s goal was to create a platform where artists could gain publicity. With its unique content, it was exposed by YouTube and other digital media sites. As a result, it was popular.

Kollege Kidd was founded by Raysean Autry and Richard Autry. Originally, Kollege Kidd was a blog that posted hip-hop songs and video games. However, it later became an entertainment website. Since then, the website has attracted millions of hip-hop fans from all over the world.

Before launching Kollege Kidd, Raysean Autry worked at CNN as an intern. He also earned a bachelor’s degree in telecommunication. After college, he worked at WBGU-PBS, NABJ and Project Excellence. During that time, he was the technical director.

In 2011, Kollege Kidd was launched and made its first upload. Its aim was to create a platform where new and independent artists could be discovered. At the time, it was the newest and most exciting platform in the hip-hop industry. Many celebrities were covered on the site. Aside from the music and gaming sections, it also had a merchandise section.

Throughout his career, Raysean Autry earned a substantial amount of money. He was known for his distinctive YouTube content. His followers ranged from thirteen to thirty-four years old. Although he never showed his status, his popularity and earnings were sufficient.

Raysean Autry was originally from Los Angeles, California. He attended Central Catholic High School and Bowling Green State University. Upon graduation, he was a camera operator for WGBU-PBS. He was a contributor to the BGNews and CNTv. Besides his work as a filmmaker and reporter, he was also involved in writing and directing films. Despite his illustrious career, the Kollege Kidd co-founder died from a rare virus, COVID-19, in December of 2021.

After his passing, many people have expressed their grief, especially those who had been fans of the renowned Kollege Kidd. Fans have posted condolences to the Autry family. Some of them shared memories of the deceased. Others prayed for Kollege Kidd’s soul.

Kollege Kidd was founded by two brothers, Raysean and Richard. While the exact date of their births is not clear, they are reportedly in their mid-thirties.

Their official Instagram page has over 1.2 million followers. Its total assets are estimated to be around $1 million.

They also have their own YouTube channel. With over 370 thousand subscribers, their channel is a huge success. It is estimated that their earnings were around $2000 last month.

Kollege Kidd’s website was based in the United States. In addition to its official page, its official Instagram profile lists the Autry brothers as the owners. Other than the Autry brothers, other people who have contributed to the website include Sean Autry and Patrick Autry.

On November 27, 2012, Kollege Kidd’s official Youtube channel had over three hundred thousand subscribers. During the year, it had over 270 million views. Currently, it is undergoing development, with its content ranging from newly signed artists, to videos of notable personalities, to gaming content.