Koo Yuen Net Worth

One of the most recognizable actors in the Chinese film industry, Koo Yuen is a veteran of the cinema. He has appeared in several wuxia films, including Lethal Lady (1990), Kung Fu Mahjong (2005) and Sealed With A Kiss (1998). Besides acting, Koo has been involved in design and manufacturing of a variety of products and services. These include a range of eyewear brands, such as ZeroX, Level Nine and Louis Koo. In addition, he has worked as a model in advertisements.

In 2007, he was appointed as UNICEF’s Ambassador of Children’s Rights. He has also supported numerous charities, such as the Public Broadcasting Service, the International Children’s Emergency Fund, and the Hong Kong Association for the Blind. Among other charitable efforts, he has helped to build 49 schools in rural China. Currently, Koo is also chairman of the board of Greentech Technology International Ltd.

Throughout his career, Koo has been nominated for a number of awards, including the most prestigious award of all, the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actor. In the film industry, Koo has been a fixture in the action genre. His performances in films such as The Condor Heroes 95 and Kung Fu Mahjong (2005) helped him to gain widespread recognition. Other notable performances have included an undercover cop in Benny Chan’s 2013 film, The White Storm. This performance earned Koo the Best Actor award at the 37th Hong Kong Film Awards.

Koo was born in Guangzhou, China in 1933. As a young child, he was captivated by the Star Wars film series. Despite being a fan of the Star Wars movies, he eventually discovered his true passion in acting. Although he began his career by taking supporting roles in movies such as Kung Fu Mahjong, he eventually found success in more complex roles.

As a young adult, he had a successful modeling career. His first major role came in a movie called “Naked Ambition” (1997). He also starred in the short film “A Chinese Odyssey Part Two: Cinderella” (1999). After emigrating to the Washington, D.C. area in 1964, Koo has lived in various places, including New York, Atlantic City, Washington, Fair Harbor, Daytona Beach, and Harpers Ferry.

He has been involved in many other things, including designing logos and websites for different companies. He has also been a big supporter of the Church. During the Sichuan earthquake of 2008, he founded a charity organization, the Koo Foundation, which helps people who are affected by natural disasters. However, he has not publicly commented on his philanthropy.

According to Forbes, Koo’s net worth is estimated at $700,000 at the end of 2018. While his net worth is relatively small, he is not without his fans. Among the largest of these fans are in South East Asia. Not only is Koo a popular actor, he also has a sizeable fan base in the region.

Besides acting, Koo has designed a variety of products, including an eyewear brand, a series of books, and an official website.