Kristy Sellars Net Worth

Kristy Sellars is a talented pole dancer and entrepreneur. She has earned a lot of fame as a dancer after appearing on several television shows. Besides being a pole dancer, she also works as an entrepreneur and owns her own studio, called PhysiPole Studios.

Kristy Sellars is an Australian personality. She was born on May 28, 1986. Her natal sign is Gemini. Her parents are from Australia. Currently, she lives in Black Hill, Victoria. She has three children, ages 13, 13, and 5.

Kristy Sellars has a lot of business ventures and makes a decent amount of money from them. Her net worth is estimated at $1.5 million. Some of her businesses include PhysiPole Studios, Boogie Bounce Australia, Girl Next Door, and Dancer. Most of her earnings come from these businesses. Moreover, she also does some aerial acts. In addition, she has appeared in numerous music videos.

Kristy Sellars has been a part of several reality shows, including Australia’s Got Talent. During the ninth season of AGT, she was a finalist. However, she did not get enough votes to qualify for the finals. Instead, she went to the wild card round. This is where she met her competitor, Jordan Conley. The two exchanged choreography and jokes. Eventually, they were eliminated.

Kristy Sellars has worked in both Australia and overseas. She has performed in international pole conventions. She has also taken part in the Miss Pole Dance Victoria competition. As a result of this, she has a very high level of experience. One of her greatest achievements was when she won the title of Miss Pole Dance Victoria in 2012.

Currently, she is the owner of PhysiPole Studios. Previously, she was the director of Boogie Bounce Australia. Since she has worked in different areas, she has gained a diverse professional background. She also holds a diploma in performing arts and dance from Dance World Studios. After her appearance on Australia’s Got Talent, she has become one of the most famous pole dancers in the world.

She has earned millions of dollars from her performances on various television shows. She is also a celebrity, and has a large following on social media. Many of her fans follow her on Instagram and Twitter. During her time on AGT, she showed off her multi-media style of pole dancing. At one point, she performed a routine where she covered the entire stage. Another routine involved a set of stairs. Lastly, she had a light up bra.

Kristy Sellars is a proud mother. She is currently the owner of PhysiPole Studio and has a daughter and a son. When she’s not on the stage, she is spending her free time with her family. She also enjoys creating social media videos. It’s a fun activity with her kids.

Kristy Sellars is one of the finalists of America’s Got Talent Season 17. She was also a finalist of Australia’s Got Talent. Earlier, she was a second runner-up in the Pole and Aerial All-Stars competition.