Ladyva Net Worth

It is safe to say that Ladyva is a bona fide music fanatic. Her musical pursuits began at an early age, but her foray into the limelight was somewhat tame compared to her older brother, Pascal. The two have toured Europe and the Caribbean on multiple occasions. They have also made several boogie woogie related appearances in Germany. As of 2015, they reportedly have a combined net worth of well over $1 million.

One of the better known Swiss musicians, she has a long list of accolades to her name, spanning a diverse set of musical genres. She has made several appearances on television, most notably on RTE ONE, which is the most popular channel in Ireland. With a career spanning more than a decade and a family to boot, Ladyva has indeed made her mark on the music scene. A few years back, she wowed audiences at a prestigious Blues Festival in Basel, Switzerland.

While Ladyva has yet to make a dent in the charts, she is a popular choice for the most prestigious award in the field of boogie woogie. For instance, she was awarded the title of Best Boogie Woogie Pianist of the Year at the Ascona Jazz Festival in 2010. Not to be outdone, she received the accolades for the best acoustic performance at the Montreux Jazz festival. Having garnered both acclaim for her talents, she has re-engaged with fans and toured the globe. In addition to her numerous gigs, Ladyva has reportedly logged more than 300 hours of practice time at the piano.

She is also an accomplished composer, releasing a few notable albums of her own, along with the occasional collaboration. On her way to the top, she bumped into a certain boogie woogie genius a la kagney linn karter. So far, she has reportedly made her mark on several boogie woogie style festivals in Germany, arguably the land of the cowboys and cowgirls.