Larry Janesky Net Worth

Larry Janesky is an American businessman who is also an inventor. He is the founder and CEO of the Basement Systems Inc. which is one of the world’s largest basement waterproofing companies, boasting 300 dealers in 47 states and Canada. The company was founded in 1987 and has made headlines with its patented technologies.

Lawrence Janesky is an avid motocross enthusiast and he made a 90 minute movie about his Baja 1000 victory with his son. At the age of fourteen, Janesky had earned the aforementioned, albeit unscientific, eponymous rank of Eagle Scout, and is now an official state officer of the Boy Scouts of America. It was during his early schooling years that Janesky and his siblings developed a special bond.

When he graduated from high school, he decided to follow his passion for construction, launching a successful career as a self-employed carpenter and spec building contractor. While he may have been in his element, his professional life was no cakewalk. With the onset of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, his brisk business practices proved to be a winning combination. His entrepreneurship skills also served him well in the form of a multi-million dollar digital marketing agency, a successful entrepreneurship school and several home improvement companies.

As a seasoned businessman, Janesky has been able to turn his hobby into a multi-million dollar business. In addition to his numerous accomplishments, Janesky has achieved several notable accolades. For instance, he is the recipient of the President’s Award for Excellence in Innovation, the most prestigious award the President of the United States has bestowed on an individual. Several high-profile institutions have endorsed Janesky’s accomplishments, including the University of Wisconsin, Harvard University and the United States National Academy of Sciences.

Janesky is also the co-founder of Dr. Energy Saver, Inc., and Klaus Roofing Systems, two companies that have helped many consumers save money on their utility bills. Besides his aforementioned accomplishments, Janesky is a well-rounded human being, demonstrating a love for family and friends, and a commitment to philanthropy.

Not only is Janesky a jack of all trades, he is also a savvy entrepreneur who understands the importance of customer satisfaction. In fact, his employees have given him their seal of approval. Considering the success of the various companies he has launched, he plans to grow his market share in the near future.

The most important thing to learn from Janesky is that he has succeeded in the biz because of a unique vision for his organization. Unlike his predecessors, he has embraced the idea that a successful company is a company with a strong mission and a clear purpose. By doing so, he has helped to change the face of the industry and has done more for customers than just providing the newest and greatest products and services.

One of the most interesting parts of his company’s success is that it is not limited to the United States. Since its inception, the company has expanded to Canada and Ireland, making it the largest basement waterproofing network in the world.