Larry Roach Net Worth

“Axman” Larry Roach is one of the biggest stars of Street Outlaws. He is also the owner of Axman Racing, a racing company. He is an American car racer, who has earned a large amount of money throughout his career. His net worth is estimated to be between $500k and $1 million.

Larry ‘Axman’ Roach was born in Altavista, Virginia. At the age of ten, he started to develop an interest in racing. During his childhood, he watched his cousins race cars. In his early years, he built many cars. Eventually, he became interested in drag racing.

Larry ‘Axman’ has a son, Ryder, from a previous relationship. Two years later, he was married to Sarah Mattox. The couple has three other children: Nitro, Cam, and Nova. It is expected that the pair has a net worth of millions of dollars.

Larry ‘Axman’ is a popular personality, and he is known for his love for racing. He has spent his life in Altavista, Virginia. While he has no official academic history, he graduated from a local high school in his hometown.

He has a YouTube channel. Currently, he has over 396 thousand subscribers. However, he does not have accounts on other social networking sites. For now, he is not having any affairs. Nevertheless, he is still working on filming Street Outlaws.

When he was a teenager, he began to enjoy driving fast cars. Later, he moved to Oklahoma City, where he was introduced to Street Outlaws. As a part of the show, he drives the fastest street cars in America. This program is known for its dangerous drag races.

Since joining the show, he has gotten to work with a larger team. During the first season, he was one of the smallest members of the cast, but he was given a chance to grow into a bigger role in the third season. Throughout the series, he has gotten help from Team Vixen, Bruder Bros., and Team Outcast. He has also been involved with OLTP test runs.

Previously, he grew up in rural Virginia. But when he was a child, he would watch his cousins compete in drag racing. He grew to love this activity and wanted to start racing himself. By the age of ten, he was building his own cars, and by the age of twenty, he was starting to compete. He also started racing with a No Prep race team.

Now, he is married to a Crossfit trainer. Sarah is also a certified Crossfit instructor. She is the glue that holds his racing program together. They have a son, Nitro, who was born in 2010. Their daughter, Nova, was born four years later.

Despite his busy schedule, Axman is a true fan favorite. He usually is not part of the controversial news. Nonetheless, he avoids media rumors and doesn’t talk about his personal life. Some outlets have suggested that Axman’s net worth is between $1 million and $5 million.