Larson Farms Net Worth

Larson Farms is a farm that is owned by three generations of the Larson family. The family owns and operates an agriculture business that focuses on homesteading. This family farm is located in West Central Minnesota. They grow crops like corn and soybeans and produce 875,000 bushels of corn and 150,000 bushels of soybeans annually. Their operation also includes livestock, such as pigs and cattle.

Larson Farms started in the early 1900s. Originally, the farm was founded by John Larson. He passed the business to his son Richard Larson, who eventually passed it on to his son David. Since then, it has grown into one of the largest suppliers of organic chicken in North America.

Larson Farms is located in Ada, MN, United States. It has around 80 acres of tillable farmland. From there, they excavate, test soil, and implement multi-year programs to increase agricultural yield. These methods are part of regenerative agriculture practices.

Larson Farms produces high-quality crops. In addition to corn and soybeans, they also raise pigs and cattle. All of the animals are fed locally grown feed. Throughout the year, they are analyzed to determine the best feeding period. After the feeding period is over, they are processed to be sold to wholesalers. As of this writing, they had a total of over 10,000 cows.

The Larson farm also produces eggs, which are nutritious and tasty. Their farm is not only a source of income for the family, it is also a way to show people the daily lives of the Larsons. Through their YouTube channel, they present their daily operations.

In addition to YouTube, the farm also has a website. Fans can pay for a paid membership to the website to gain access to exclusive content. Additionally, they can purchase branded merchandise. Another way to earn money with Larson Farms is through advertising. By placing ads on the website, they can make between $3 and $7 per thousand views.

Currently, the channel has over 300,000 subscribers and over 50 million video views. The videos posted on the channel are divided into a number of categories, including Lifestyle, Knowledge, Vehicles, and more.

While Larson Farms does not provide specific details about its YouTube earnings, it does say that they made around $100,000 in 2018. However, this amount is only a portion of the total revenue they make. For example, in 2018, they earned $120,000 through ad revenue and another $50,000 through paid memberships.

According to Larson Farms, the net worth of the family business has increased in recent years. They estimate that their net worth will be around $700K in 2023. Despite the large net worth, they still operate with the same core values.

The Larson family is committed to producing high-quality crops and maintaining their land. Besides, they also take an interest in sustainable agriculture practices. Not only does this allow them to make money, but it provides them with a stress-free environment for their animals.