Laura LeBoutillier Net Worth

Laura LeBoutillier is an American gardening vlogger, who is based in Ontario, Oregon. Her channel, Garden Answer, has earned a huge following on YouTube. She has also been known for her Facebook page, which has amassed more than four million followers. She has a husband and two children. Despite her success, the exact net worth of Laura LeBoutillier is unknown. However, some sources claim that her earnings can range from $1 million to $5 million.

Laura LeBoutillier has a huge social media following and has become a cultural idol. She has been rewarded with numerous awards for her efforts. The President of the United States has recognized her for her contribution to the world. In addition, she has been awarded the Honorable Person of the Year.

Laura LeBoutillier was born in 1984 in Ontario, Oregon, USA. She has a sister named Susan and a brother named Paul. Her mother, Alice Leboutillier, is a professional nurse. During her childhood, she lived in Oregon, where she grew up in Andrew’s Seed Co.

She has worked at her parents’ garden center in Eastern Oregon. Eventually, she started working on camera. This led to her launching the Garden Answer YouTube channel. It has become a huge hit in the United States and around the world. Laura’s gardening videos have been viewed more than 2.5 million times. Among her fans, she is known for her kind and caring personality.

Laura LeBoutillier is married to Aaron LeBoutillier. They live together in a house in Ontario, Oregon. He is a garden expert, and he is the father of their children. As of now, the couple earns their income from their channel. They are also credited with having a great influence on the young people of the world.

Aside from gardening, Laura LeBoutillier has also earned a good amount from her TV career. Her show, Garden Answer, has been aired on several television channels. Since her channel is growing in popularity, her salary is increasing every year. For now, her net worth is estimated at $2 million USD.

Her husband, Aaron, is a video producer. Together, they own several businesses. Some of them include Countyline, a brand of finish mowers, and an online store. They have been credited for building an empire of businesses that earn them a good sum of money.

Laura LeBoutillier has received several accolades from the President and high-ranking officials. She has also received the Mayor’s City Builder Award. One of her most recognizable achievements is her status as an on-camera gardening expert. Besides gardening, she has also been a part of many successful business ventures. Many of her friends have been inspired by her and she has become a popular role model.

In addition, Laura LeBoutillier has a large following on Twitter and Facebook. On those platforms, she has shared her office phone number and email address. Currently, she has a fan base of more than five million people. Although she has a busy schedule, she rarely gets a chance to get some shut-eye.