Le-Glue Net Worth 2022

Le-Glue is a non-permanent, solvent free adhesive glue designed to work with Lego and Mega Bloks. It dissolves in water, is reusable, and has antimicrobial qualities. You can buy it at various retail stores around the world.

A 10-year-old boy named Tripp Phillips came up with the idea for Le-Glue. He teamed up with his dad, a lab scientist, to develop the product. After the two came up with the concept, they contacted Shark Tank investors for assistance. They hoped to secure a contract for at least $80,000 for a 15% stake in their company.

In 2022, the company generated over $1 million in revenue. Their online store is currently selling goods for $6 to $15. The company also has an Instagram account. One of their biggest achievements was winning the Torrance International Creativity Award.

Although the inventor of Le-Glue, Tripp Phillips, was only 10 years old, he became the youngest patent holder in US history. His invention is still being manufactured and sold, and he plans to expand into new areas.

The invention was originally intended for children, but it can be used by adults as well. It is a patented formula that allows kids to create masterpieces that will not fall apart. Kids can make crafts for their young interior designers without the fear of breaking down their creations.

As of the time of this writing, the Le-Glue company had revenues of more than $1.2 million in July of 2022. Sales have increased 500 percent since the company’s appearance on Shark Tank. The company is headquartered in Dalton, Georgia, and is currently manufacturing and selling its products.

When the company launched its Kickstarter campaign in late 2015, they raised $4000 to start the firm. Since then, Tripp and his father have been able to sell over 7000 units. Additionally, Tripp has sold over $120,000 in lifetime sales. The company has even received the prestigious Best Pitching award from ABC 20/20.

As a kid, Tripp had a dream about creating a product that would make building masterpieces stick. He had an idea for a releasable glue for Legos. This concept was given to him by his teacher and he shared it with his dad. Eventually, he pitched the idea on Shark Tank.

Ultimately, Kevin O’Leary offered a deal to the pair. Using the money he raised, he provided them with a 50% royalty on any licensing deals they negotiated. In addition, he suggested that they raise an additional $80,000 for their company’s launch. Luckily, the deal came through and they are on the way to success.

Le-Glue’s latest achievement is that it is currently selling products for less than fifty cents to produce. The company plans to expand into other regions and increase its online presence. For now, the company has a net worth of 4.8 million USD. However, it is not known whether the opportunity that they are pursuing will be good for their business.

If you want to know more about the Le-Glue company, you can check out their Instagram page. Also, you can check out their YouTube video.