Lima Jevremovic Net Worth

Lima Jevremovic is a digital health technology entrepreneur. His company, AURA, develops data-driven platforms to help heal mental health disorders. Aura’s product is a therapeutic tool that helps patients improve their mood and mental wellbeing. According to the company’s website, “AURA was created to give hope to those with a history of emotional distress, behavioral problems, and substance abuse by offering a comprehensive and scientifically-based treatment platform.”

Lima’s net worth isn’t as clear-cut as it sounds. While her personal Facebook page shows that she has over 50k followers, her LinkedIn profile shows that she has only 376. She has also reportedly created 1,510 posts on her Facebook.

Lima Jevremovic is a court-appointed guardian for Brandon Margera. This is due to Margera’s mental disorder. During this time, Lima Jevremovic has worked with Margera and her family on a number of projects. In December 2017, it was announced that Margera was backing her company, Aura.

Lima Jevremovic is known to be a fan of crypto-currency, which led her to invest 4,000 dollars in Bitcoin. She started investing in the cryptocurrency in 2017. Today, lima jevremovic owns 47 vacation rentals in Surfside Beach, South Carolina. But she’s also a teacher and has a 2-year-old son, who she shares with her ex-husband, Dean.

Lima Jevremovic has been a part of several YouTube videos. Her daughter, Amanda, was featured in a YouTube series called Soft White Underbelly. Amanda passed away in May of 2021.

Lima Jevremovic has worked in several industries, including software, movies, and healthcare. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Carleton University. However, he is more famous for his roles on the hit television series “Soft White Underbelly” and as a therapist on “Jackass.”

Lima Jevremovic’s company, AURA, focuses on clinical virtual reality systems and digital treatment tools for substance use disorders. Its motto is to “heal by healing.” As a designer and developer of these products, Lima has worked with several hospitals and health centers in the past, but he is best known as the father of a child with a serious mental illness.

The net worth of lima jevremovic is hard to come by. It’s not possible to determine his salary, but he’s probably worth at least a million dollars. That’s not surprising since his wife is a well-known actress.

Lima Jevremovic has a two-year-old son and teaches in Brooklyn’s Coney Island. He’s also a part-time teacher at a school in New Jersey. And he’s been a repeat guest on “Jackass” every summer. All of this has contributed to a surprisingly large net worth.

Lima Jevremovic is not alone in being a victim of internet harassment. Brittany Courville, a lawyer who was involved in the “Free Britney” movement, has also been accused of defaming Lima Jevremovic in a recent article on Yahoo. Several of Courville’s followers have been harassing and slandering the lima jevremovic family in the wake of the publication. Apparently, Courville’s lawyer argues that Jevremovic failed to allege actual malice in her claims.