Line Cutterz Net Worth 2021

Line Cutterz is a company that sells fishing accessories. The product is designed for anglers of all levels. These cutters are safe for users to use and are easy to mount on any surface. They also have custom printing options.

The company was founded by Vance Zahorski, a lifelong fisherman. After a particularly bad experience with a blacktip shark, Zahorski decided to make something that would help people avoid future mishaps. He developed a prototype that would cut fishing line without any tools. It had a hook ring to hold the hook steady and a stainless steel rivet to secure the braided lines.

It was a success. Zahorski was able to secure $120,000 in financing from Daymond John for 33% of the company. This gave him a net worth of over 2 million dollars, a big jump from his initial $70,000. As a result, Line Cutterz was able to double the amount that John invested.

The company has since expanded its offerings and is now available at several retailers. In addition to the main cutters, it offers a variety of other products for scuba divers, crafters, and fishermen. It also has a fish grip and lures.

There are a number of other products that combine the best of the line cutting solutions. One of the newest features is the Flat Mounts. The device has a flat bottom, so it can be mounted on anything from seat posts to boat rails. Another feature is the two-sided stainless steel blade that cuts mono-filament, mono-strand, or even butcher’s string. You can even clean it with freshwater after each use.

For a long time, Line Cutterz was a small company that only sold fishing gear. However, it soon became known as a company that produced quality products. The line cutters had an impact on the media and the public. Many people now know of this company and its founder. Some people have even bought a Line Cutterz to wear as a ring.

In the past, Line Cutterz was owned by the Enel Group. The group is an Italian-based firm that is present in more than 30 countries around the world. A large part of the company’s operations are devoted to providing energy to people through new and sustainable technologies.

Line Cutterz has been featured on Shark Tank. Vance Zahorski pitched his idea to the sharks in an episode of Shark Tank in 2016. He reportedly asked for a sum of money of over $120,000 for a minority share of the company. While the price was a little steep, it was an indication that Zahorski had a successful idea.

Since the show, the company has become popular among the fishing community. A number of celebrity anglers now wear their LineCutterz. The company has a website that sells apparel and other fishing-related items. Its products include the aforementioned line cutters, as well as lures and fishing rods. If you are looking for a way to cut fishing line that is fast, simple, and effective, Line Cutterz is a worthy purchase.