Maddy Brum Net Worth

Maddy Brum has been a cheerleader since a young age. She has a passion for her sport and hopes to become the best Top Girl in the country. Her goals for the future include winning the annual NCA championship. Currently, she is a part of the CA Wildcats, and she is looking forward to this new chapter in her career.

As a child, Maddy was raised by her mother. She went to school and graduated from Dracut High School. Later, she worked for a company called Gemini Communication Limited. She also served as a sales coordinator at the UMass Lowell Inn. This experience helped her with her future as a cheerleader.

Despite her success, Maddy has been through a number of difficult times. When she was younger, she lived in an unstable environment, financially unsound, and with an abusive father. However, she stayed on the right track by attending cheer classes and cheerleading for her team, the CA Wildcats.

Today, she is known for her performances on the show Cheer. She has been a part of the Navarro College cheerleading team and has been featured on both the first and second seasons. After the first season, Maddy became a fan favorite. A few months after her debut, she was hit by a car. However, she has shown a significant improvement in her skills, and she is looking to continue to improve.

Maddy has a large following on social media. In fact, she has over 900 followers on Twitter, and she has over 6,000 followers on Instagram. Although she has not commented on her relationship status in the media, she has been seen out and about with her co-stars.

As for her family, she has a father, Barry Brodeur, and a mother, Nicole A Otis. It was during the third episode of the show that Maddy spoke about her father’s arrest. He is now serving time in jail for assault charges.

Maddy has also been a part of the “Cheer Live” tour, which features 22 “Cheer” stars. This is an exciting event for fans. During the show, they learned more about the athletes’ backgrounds, and how they came to be the athletes they are today. One of the perks is that they get to meet Maddy, as well.

Another interesting fact about Maddy is that she is a Gemini. She was born in the year of the Chinese Zodiac Serpent, and her birthday is on May 22. The next year, she will celebrate her birthday on June 21. If you are a fan of the show, you will be glad to know that Maddy will be back on the show in the second season.

Lastly, she has a daughter. There are two daughters in her family, including Maddie and Olivia. Both are sisters. She hasn’t revealed what her relationship status is, but she has said she plans to win the annual NCA championship in 2022.

Besides her work as a cheerleader, Maddy is also an expert team promoter. Her experience has helped her rise to the top of the cheerleading world.