Majah Hype Net Worth

In the field of entertainment, Majha Hype is known to be one of the most famous comedians. He has a large net worth and is famous for his unique comedy style. His fans enjoy watching his live performances. The comedian is a popular figure in the social media and has built up a huge following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Among the most well-known comedians in the world, Majah Hype has a net worth of $4 million. He is considered to be a rising star in the comedy industry and has made his name famous through his stand-up comedy shows. During his career, he has been awarded several awards, which are a testament to his talent.

Born in Jamaica, Majha Hype moved to the United States when he was twelve. Initially, he worked as an electrician, before he started his career as a comedian. His grandfather was a musician and taught him how to play seven different instruments. With his musical ability, he became a DJ. Later, he performed as an artist with the Massive B.

Besides being a comedian, Majha Hype is also a writer, producer and DJ. His eponymous YouTube channel has a total of 180 videos. Aside from being a comedian, he has also released an EP. Moreover, his brand is now making its way into the mainstream Hollywood. Some of the videos that he has created are genre-pushing and have gained a huge following.

Despite his fame, Majha Hype has a tumultuous past. For example, he was once married to Latisha Kirby. However, after 10 years of marriage, they divorced. Apparently, Kirby was unhappy with their relationship. She claims that it had become a toxic one. They even had three children together. When Kirby left her job as an officer to be with Majah, her relationship with her boyfriend ended in violence. This resulted in a video uploaded by her ex-fiance, which revealed bruises on her body. Eventually, her abusive behavior led her to apologize for her actions.

Currently, Majha Hype lives in Brooklyn, New York. Before moving to the city, the family used to reside in Baltimore. During their time in Baltimore, the family hosted talent shows, family gatherings, and family events. Although the family had a large fan base, they also experienced financial hardships.

Nevertheless, Majha Hype has a net worth of four million dollars, which is considered to be a very good income. The comedian has amassed his wealth through music, comedy and skits. Currently, his followers number around 1.2 million on his Instagram page. Besides the social media platform, the comedian has gained popularity on television as a guest on “The Wendy Williams Show” and “The Breakfast Club”.

As a stand-up comedian, Majah Hype has performed at various places, including the United Kingdom and the Caribbean. Most of his income comes from his stand-up shows, which he has done to entertain his fans. Other sources of income are paid partnerships and sponsorships.