Makayla Phillips Net Worth

Makayla Phillips is a singer, actress, model and a contestant on the American Idol. She is from the Canyon Lake, California area. Her father is Tod Philips, and she has a brother named Aiden. The singer was born on 8th July, 2002. Although her family is not famous, Makayla has managed to earn a lot of money from her singing career.

The first competition that she participated in was at age two. At the age of fifteen, she auditioned for the show America’s Got Talent. After performing, she was awarded with the Golden Buzzer. In addition, she also made it to the Quarterfinals of the show. This was the moment when Makayla became famous.

Despite her impressive talent, she did not make it to the finals. In the quarterfinals, she performed the song ‘Issues’ by Julia Michaels. Afterwards, she joined forces with Cyniah and blew the audience away with their performance.

Makayla’s dad is a fireman, and she is the younger sibling of Whitney and Aiden. But despite all of the success, she has not revealed much about her personal life. However, the singer is rumored to be dating a guy. Aside from her music career, she has participated in several unscripted television dramas.

She has also performed for the Disney Channel and her self-titled YouTube channel. In August 2019, she released her first single, Love Left Me Blind. She has been working on original music since 2019. And she is expected to release a new song in February 2020.

While she hasn’t announced her net worth, it’s estimated that she has a fortune of between $1 million and $5 million. She hasn’t revealed how much she makes as an actor or a model, but her income comes from her singing. If she continues to be successful in the music industry, she can easily earn millions. Nevertheless, she has yet to disclose any personal information, such as her height and weight, boyfriend, or her parents.

Throughout her life, she has managed to earn a lot of money through her singing and acting. She has also earned a lot of attention through social media. Besides her singing, she has also appeared on America’s Got Abilities season thirteen. As a result, she has earned thousands of dedicated subscribers. With her beautiful voice, she is a fan favorite.

The singer has a very slim figure. She measures 32-25-35 inches at the waist and 50kg at the chest. Her hair is dark brown and she has greenish hazel eyes. Though she is a singer, she dislikes mac n’ cheese. Moreover, she isn’t a big fan of spaghetti.

She has done a number of concerts and shows, and is now expected to compete in the American Idol Season 18. As a contestant, she is expected to win the title of the winner of the season. Therefore, it is safe to say that she will have a bright future.

Apart from her singing and modeling career, Makayla Phillips has made a lot of money from her acting. She has acted in movies such as ‘The Birthday Boys’ and ‘Occam’s Razor’.