Mandy Rennehan Net Worth

Mandy Rennehan is an award-winning entrepreneur, business leader and public speaker. She has built a multi-million dollar retail reconstruction company, Freshco, and she has become the voice of skilled trades in Canada. In addition to her career as an entrepreneur, she is an orator and a powerful advocate for the LGBTQ community.

Mandy was born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada. Her family faced many struggles throughout her childhood. As a child, Mandy worked hard to help her parents make ends meet. At the age of eighteen, she left home with a dirty hockey bag and an audacious dream.

Mandy was first introduced to the construction world when she joined a crew restoring floors in the home of a wealthy Halifax family. After a week, she was offered a job by Irving Oil. From there, she began working nights for local contractors for free. It was in this capacity that she learned about building, and she decided to get more involved.

As a young woman, Mandy spent her spare time in the woods building log cabins. Eventually, she scavenged for bait to sell to fishermen in the neighborhood. This was where she got her first real job. With her new-found interest in the construction industry, she was able to earn a living through her expertise.

Today, Mandy Rennehan is an influential leader in the Canadian community and the country’s number one retail specialist. She is also a highly sought-after orator and leader in the LGBTQ community. While she has a booming career as an entrepreneur, she warns that the skilled trades will continue to suffer due to the perception of these careers as being blue collar. By promoting internships in Canada and promoting apprenticeships in the skilled trades, she is ensuring that a future generation of tradesmen can find a career that fits them.

For her accomplishments, Mandy has been awarded several prestigious awards, including being named a member of the Order of Canada, the National Order of Quebec, and the Golden Lion from the Venice Biennale of Architecture. Her firm, Freshco, has been in business for over twenty years and is one of the largest retail reconstruction providers in Canada. Through her company, she has worked with many Fortune 500 companies in the eastern United States and abroad.

Freshco’s clients include Apple, Nike, Home Depot, and The Gap. Although she has received numerous business honors, her true purpose in life is to help those in the trades. Having experienced the difficulties of growing up in a low-income family, Mandy has made it her mission to change the way people view the skilled trades.

She encourages her audiences to explore their own uniqueness, and she inspires them to harness the power of their individual strengths. In her keynote speech at the Ontario Council for Technology Education Conference, she urged her audience to learn to “discover their blueprints and create their own paths.” Throughout her speeches, she gives her audience practical advice and candid anecdotes.