Marcus Dantus Net Worth

Marcus Dantus is an entrepreneur, academic, and public speaker. His accomplishments include creating a thriving telecoms solution firm, the founding of the first Internet portal in Mexico, and the largest entrepreneurial initiative in the country. He is also known for being a shark on the show Shark Tank in Mexico. Despite his success, the majority of his net worth remains unknown. Read on to learn more about this entrepreneur and his contributions to Mexican innovation.

As a telecommunications entrepreneur, he founded the first Internet portal in Mexico, a company that later became Wayra. In the years to come, he has been involved with several startups, including a medical device incubator, a startup accelerator for the Grupo Telefonica, and an E-Commerce pioneer in Latin America. Additionally, he was a regular judge in various startup competitions in Mexico.

Dantus has been the founder of Startup Mexico, one of the largest incubators in the country. In addition, he has spoken at a variety of venues, and has participated in several innovation awards. Among his most notable accomplishments, he is also a prolific investor, having invested in 30 startups, and is an active participant in the Shark Tank in Mexico. Furthermore, he has been a panelist at a number of different events, and has been asked to speak on a wide variety of topics. The main reason he is so well-received is because he has the ability to think outside the box, and has developed several large partnerships.

Aside from his numerous roles in business, he has been an accomplished researcher and strategist. In fact, he is the director of the start-up module for the Internet Business Master’s program at ISDI. Moreover, he is a professor of entrepreneurship at IPADE, Mexico’s top graduate business school. One of his recent ventures has been a partnership with Carolina University in Mexico.

As an entrepreneur, he has been in the industry for many years, and he is a pioneer in E-Commerce in Latin America. Along with being a successful entrepreneur, he is an avid Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Besides being a smart and innovative entrepreneur, he is a great mentor. For example, he has helped more than 100 entrepreneurs develop their businesses, and he has been an angel investor in more than thirty companies. Lastly, he has been a panelist in a number of notable startup contests in the country, and he has also been an invited speaker on a wide range of entrepreneurial topics.