Mario Adrion Net Worth

Mario Adrion is a German model who is known as a social media star. He is also a YouTuber. Currently, he has 238k subscribers on his Instagram. Besides, he has over 85 million likes on his YouTube uploads. His primary career is being a Model, and he has made a lot of money from it.

Mario Adrion was born on January 21, 1994, in Berlin, Germany. In 2013, he started his modeling career on Instagram. Among the brands that he endorses are Colby Brock, Sam Golbach, and One Management. Besides, he has been endorsed by many national brands on social media.

Mario Adrion is a German citizen, and he has a mixed ethnic background. His father is from Germany, while his mother is American. The two have no children. Mario Adrion has never publicly stated his sexuality. Nevertheless, fans have speculated about his gender and sexual orientation.

Despite being a famous Model, Mario Adrion maintains a private life. He prefers to keep his private affairs a secret. For example, he has not revealed the details of his marriage. On the other hand, he has a girlfriend. It is not clear whether these two are dating or not.

When he was 18, Mario Adrion became a member of New York City Fashion Week. Then, he was presented by Katy Perry. However, he failed to get the Golden Ticket for Hollywood. Since then, he has been signed to One Management.

Although Mario Adrion has a net worth of about $1 million to $5 million, he is still a young model. He has a monthly salary of 10000 to 500000 USD. During his modeling career, he has had a few controversies. Among the controversies are his appearance in striped red speedos, and leaving some adjudicators in parts. Other controversies include his involvement in a lawsuit, mugshot bookings, and a divorce.

Mario Adrion has been in one relationship. He was with Jeff Kasser. They met when they were in high school. After a while, however, they broke up. But, before they went their separate ways, they had a couple of dates.

Besides being a model, Mario Adrion has a few other hobbies. He enjoys traveling, reading, and learning. Moreover, he has a hobby of photography. He has a self-titled YouTube channel where he has uploaded vlogs and workout videos. Moreover, he has been posting pictures of his life. Moreover, he is currently dating another American Idol contestant, Travis Bryant.

Mario Adrion has been active in the social media since 2013. Besides, he has posted a number of vlogs and workout videos. Besides, he has been a part of many other projects, including travel diaries and collaborations with Viners. During his modelling career, he has posted several modeling photos. Additionally, he has been endorsed by a number of national and international brands on social media. Nonetheless, he has been accused of committing a felony crime.

Mario Adrion has a very large social media following. Moreover, he has over 238k followers on his Instagram account. Moreover, he has over 85 million likes and has over 622k subscribers on his YouTube channel.