Mark Worman Net Worth

As a TV personality, mark worman has made quite a name for himself. The car expert and mechanic gained popularity for his work on the hit reality show Graveyard Carz. He is known for his love of classic cars and his impeccable craftsmanship. Besides his television career, he also runs a successful car repair shop and production company. The business has contributed greatly to his net worth. Moreover, he is a dedicated husband and father. His daughter Allysa Rose also works in the garage with him and has contributed to his success.

Mark Worman was born on 21st August 1962 and is currently 57 years old. He grew up in Springfield, Oregon and has been involved with automobiles since his childhood. He is a Mopar specialist and has attained a reputation in the automotive world with few able to compete with him. He has earned enormous amounts of money through his garage work and his appearance on various television shows.

He was a cast member of the Velocity channel’s popular series, Graveyard Carz from 2011 to 2014. The show followed his work at the Welby’s Car Care Centre and the team of experts that restored classic muscle cars. Since the show’s inception, he has been a household name among car enthusiasts. The series has spawned several spin-offs and is still going strong today.

His production company, Division Productions, LLC has earned considerable revenue from the show and other activities related to it. It has been reported that the company also makes a decent amount of money from advertisements and merchandise. It is also alleged that he makes a good salary from the show, but it has not been disclosed.

Moreover, he owns his own car repair shop that specializes in restoring vintage cars, especially Mopars. He has been working on vehicles since the age of 16, and his knowledge of car mechanics and restoration is unparalleled. He has also built a loyal fan base on the social media.

Mark has a family and is a private person who keeps details about his personal life to himself. He is married and has a daughter, Allysa Rose, who also works with him in the garage and on the show. He has been a very dedicated husband and father, and his daughter has contributed to his success.

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Considering his dedication towards his job and the passion he has for cars, it is not surprising that he has earned such a huge amount of money. He has an impressive collection of muscle cars that he has been working on in his garage for a long time. Besides that, he has been very active on social media and regularly posts pictures of his work. Moreover, he has been involved in charitable works as well. He has been a good influence on his viewers and has helped them to improve their driving skills as well. He is one of the most popular car personalities in the industry today.