Marsau and LaTisha Scott Net Worth

Marsau and Latisha Scott are an American couple who are very famous for their appearance on Love & Marriage Huntsville. They were married on September 2, 2006. Since then, they have been married and have three kids. However, they have faced a scandal. A former Love & Marriage cast member claimed that Marsau had cheated on Latisha with twenty women. He provided evidence for his claim. After Marsau was acquitted, he was back on the show for a second season. But after that, his relationship with LaTisha started to fall apart.

Earlier, it was reported that Scott had an extramarital affair. While he denied the allegations, his mother-in-law also defended him on social media. She said that she knew that Marsau had had a previous relationship with other women.

It was also reported that LaTisha was involved in a rumor. In fact, her Instagram page has more than sixty thousand followers. Moreover, she has flaunted family pictures on her page. On her Instagram, she has more than eight hundred posts. Besides, she posts real-life experiences.

As far as the income is concerned, LaTisha Scott makes good money from her career. Her income comes from her appearance on reality TV shows like Love & Marriage: Huntsville. Additionally, she is also an estate advisor and property manager. Although she is married to an American businessman, she still prefers a low-key lifestyle.

Previously, the couple was not very supportive of each other. According to reports, Scott was not very supportive to LaTisha during their first marriage. There were rumors that Marsau had a child with a woman who had an affair with his wife.

Marsau and LaTisha have been together for fourteen years. Both have good chemistry. The duo promote Huntsville, Alabama’s burgeoning economy. And, they are a power couple on Love & Marriage: Huntsville. Despite their issues, they are still very much in love with each other.

Even though LaTisha and Marsau have been together for so many years, they still face some snags. Their relationship has been criticized by some fans. Some of them say that their views on marriage are different. For example, LaTisha says that she believes that it is important to balance both professional and personal life. Others argue that she is too close to her husband.

In addition to their marriage, the couple is also involved in other businesses. One of the business partnerships is with Blaque Cigar Lounge. Currently, the restaurant has an annual revenue of $903 million. During the past few years, it has experienced a 2.7 percent increase. This contributes to Marsau and LaTisha’s wealth.

Among other businesses, Scott owns a commercial general contractor. His company is called Scholt Industries, Inc. Fortunately, he is still in good health. He has been working in the field for about two years.

Having worked as a general contractor for more than twelve years, he has earned quite a sum of money. According to some sources, he is currently worth over $10 million.