MaryRose Bustamante Net Worth – Damon Diamond and MaryRose Bustamante

If you’re one of the fans of YouTube channel Liven Family, then you know the name MaryRose Bustamante. The blonde-haired actress is known for her makeup recreations of movie characters, which have gained her a lot of views. She is also a successful content creator, and her YouTube and TikTok channels have millions of subscribers. But how much is she worth?

As of 2022, MaryRose Bustamante is 21 years old, and her height is five feet three inches. She has light green eyes, and she is about 45 kilograms in weight. She is married to Damon Diamond, who is a successful YouTube star. And as of January 2019, the couple has a son. Their net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

Before becoming famous, Diamond attended St. Charles Elementary School and later graduated from the University of Notre Dame. He then launched his career on the Internet. In the early stages of his career, he had little popularity on the site. However, he did not give up. He continued posting videos, and eventually his videos got more popular. Currently, his Liven Family YouTube channel has a subscriber count of over 150k.

Aside from his own channel, Diamond also shares a channel with his wife, MaryRose Bustamante. They usually share family content on the channel. For example, when Diamond’s wife was pregnant with their second son, he made a video to celebrate. This video has received more than 245k views.

During his career, Diamond has created several videos featuring his wife and son. These include a labor and delivery video, and a video where they meet their new son. Another emotional video is the Liven Family Maternity Photoshoot. There are also many more videos on their channel.

Since their first video, the Liven Family has gained a lot of popularity. Their channel has more than 13 million views. Their Instagram account has over 760k followers. The family earns money through endorsements, which helps them in generating a good net worth. When they have a video, it is sure to be popular. Especially with second-time parents.

Diamond is a well-known American YouTube and social media personality. He has earned a large sum of money from his social media profiles, which include his YouTube channel, and his Facebook and Instagram accounts. Besides, he and his wife are currently living in New York City.

According to his own biography, Diamond is a Christian. Although, he does not disclose any details about his birth, age, and other personal information. Nevertheless, he has a good amount of money, and his net worth is estimated at $2 million.

His eldest son is already featured in many of his videos. Moreover, he has a YouTube channel named Liven Family, and he shares it with his wife. On his own YouTube channel, he has over 132k subscribers. Moreover, he has a huge following on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.

The Liven Family is a famous TikTok and YouTube channel, and their earnings come through endorsements and their activity on the platforms. So, fans are looking forward to seeing more of their videos.