Matt Halbower Net Worth

Matt Halbower, the man behind Pentwater Capital Management L.P., is a big hitter when it comes to the world of finance. As the name suggests, his firm manages a whopping 10.7 billion dollars in regulatory assets. In addition to its Chicago based HQ, Pentwater has offices in the landlocked cities of Minneapolis and London. Despite its relative proximity, Pentwater is not a sweat when it comes to competition. Its chief competitor is a venerable veteran in the hedge fund arena. With the exception of a couple of notable blotches, Pentwater has carved out a good niche for itself. Specifically, Pentwater specializes in event driven, or merger arbitrage, strategies. This is exemplified by its recent foray into the realm of credit strategy. The company is hardly a stranger to the murky waters of the subprime lending crisis. While some may think this is the best time to be, it hasn’t stopped Pentwater from making a killing.

Although the aforementioned hurricane ravaged his home, the high life continues. Thankfully, he and his family are safe amidst the chaos. However, the hurricane was not the only one to hit his neck of the woods.