MC Shakie Net Worth

One of the hottest names in music is MC Shakie, a Louisiana-based rapper and entrepreneur. He has an extensive and highly engaged fanbase, as well as a self-financed live audience talk show. Not only is MC Shakie the man, he is also a businessman, having penned several hits for the New Orleans bounce. In fact, MC Shakie was even incarcerated for counterfeit securities operation in November 2008. But that doesn’t mean he’s not a talented performer, albeit one with an unfortunate and often misplaced ego.

Aside from his storied rap career, the man has a successful YouTube channel, a successful live audience talk show, and a well-executed marketing campaign. And while he’s been a fixture in the New Orleans scene, MC Shakie has branched out into other genres. Indeed, he’s a hip hop enthusiast and the official host of Sip Naton, a New Orleans based hip hop group. So, who knows, MC Shakie may be a hip hop superstar in the making. Just watch out!

While he’s got a rolodex of a following, MC Shakie doesn’t have a huge schtumpt budget, so he has to get creative. With the help of a little luck and a lot of hard work, MC Shakie may be on his way to becoming a hip hop legend. Until then, MC Shakie fans can look forward to more music, mixtapes, and bounce shows in the near future.