Megan Olivi Net Worth

Megan Olivi is a successful TV host and reporter. She has worked as an MMA reporter for the Fox Sports Network and MLB team San Diego Padres. Her annual salary at Fox is $100,000.

Born in New Jersey, Megan Olivi earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Seton Hall University and a master’s degree in broadcast journalism from Fordham University. While at school, she interned with Fox News. After graduation, she moved to Las Vegas to cover UFC events. This led to her position as an MMA reporter for the Fox Sports network.

Although she has not revealed her financial details, she has been known to lead a glamorous lifestyle. Her net worth is expected to reach $2.5 million by 2022. Aside from her career as an MMA reporter, she has also hosted several TV shows. As the host of such shows, she is famous for her interviews with combat sportsmen. In addition to her work, she also invests in real estate with her husband.

Prior to her work as an MMA reporter, she served as an assistant to Megyn Kelly during the 2008 presidential election. Later, she became an MMA reporter and host of a popular show called “The Exchange with Megan Olivi”.

When Megan was young, she exhibited a great interest in athletics. She participated in softball in high school. At one point, she wanted to become a gymnast. However, financial constraints limited her. It wasn’t until she entered the world of MMA that she was able to fulfill her dream.

She has been a member of the Italian-American community in Pennsylvania. While in college, she participated in wrestling for a semester at William Penn University.

Despite having a busy career as an MMA reporter, Megan has also been a successful televised judge for the Miss Universe Pageant. She was the final telecast judge in the 2017 edition. Since then, she has hosted many other television shows and given numerous interviews. She has an official website and social media accounts.

Currently, Megan Olivi is married to Joseph Benavidez, who is a former UFC flyweight title challenger. They met in Las Vegas in 2009. Several weeks after their first meeting, they decided to start dating. Upon their marriage, they have continued their dinner tradition together. Both believe that dinner is an ideal time for family bonding.

The estimated net worth of Megan Olivi is about $2 million. Her earnings from her job as an MMA reporter are her main source of income. If she continues to be employed in this field, she can expect to earn at least $1 million in 2020. By the end of that year, her estimated net worth would be at least $3 million.

The estimated total worth of the Megan Olivi family is at least $3 million. The youngest of the three children, she has two children. These include a son and a daughter. Moreover, she owns a dog named Benny.

Before her marriage with Benavidez, she had never had an extramarital affair.