Melvin Gregg Net Worth

Melvin Gregg is an American actor, comedian and social media star. He gained a lot of popularity through the video-sharing platform Vine. In fact, he became one of the top 100 Viners worldwide. However, his career took a different turn after the platform collapsed. As a result, he shifted his focus to acting and has since appeared in several films and TV shows.

When he was a teenager, he started to post videos on his YouTube channel. He soon became popular among the Vine community, and he gained over 3 million followers. His performances on Vine videos also made him famous, and he was able to make his debut as an actor. He played a basketball player named DeMarcus Tillman in the series American Vandal. This role earned him a spot on the “Freshmen 15” list of the TV Guide.

After his successful performances on Vine, he was able to get roles in several other television and film projects, such as High Flying Bird and Sharknado. He has appeared in more than a dozen commercials for various brands. Among them are Nike and Google. He also modeled for these companies. Aside from his appearances in film and TV, he is known to be a fashion photographer on Instagram. During his career, he has posted photo shoots on his Instagram account and he is currently promoting several brands on his official accounts.

Although his net worth is yet to be revealed, it is estimated that he has accumulated a decent amount of money from his social media accounts. He has over 2.7 million followers on Instagram and 3.8 million subscribers on Vine. Therefore, he is considered to be one of the most sought-after Viner in the United States.

Though his personal life is not well-known, Melvin is a father of a son. His son, Sonny Angelo, was born on his mother’s birthday. It is unknown if Melvin and his girlfriend, Bobbie Nelson, have children together. The actor is quite private about his private life and hasn’t revealed any information about his family.

While he was growing up, he was raised by his parents, Constance and Melvin Vaughan. In addition, he was surrounded by six siblings. There are six daughters and three sons in the Gregg family. One of the sisters is interested in modeling. Another sister is a student and another is a chef.

When he turned 31, Melvin moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career in acting. He studied marketing at Old Dominion University. Later, he enrolled in courses to further his education in filmmaking. But before he could finish college, he landed a role in a series called Whatever. Moreover, he also had a regular role in Hulu’s limited series Nine Perfect Strangers.

Besides his acting and modeling careers, he has also starred in several big-screen productions, including a role in the movie Snowfall. Currently, he is working on an interactive fiction movie for the Whatifi app. Moreover, he has a strong presence on YouTube and Instagram.