Michael Cordray Net Worth

Michael Cordray is a well-known television actor who has accumulated an impressive net worth. His career as a TV personality and his role on the show Big Texas Fix have helped him amass such a high net worth. He also works as a real estate agent and project manager which further boosts his earnings. Currently, he is in the process of raising his second daughter. He and his wife Ashley run their own company called Save 1900 that is dedicated to restoring historic homes in Galveston.

As of this writing, michael cordray net worth is estimated at $500 thousand. He has earned such a large sum of money because of his successful career as a television actor in the United States and his other roles including that of a project manager and real estate agent. In addition to this, he is also active in social media where he has garnered a huge following that helps him earn money through his online activities.

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According to some sources, michael cordray is currently dating a woman named lissy koehler. The couple have been together for some time now and it appears that they are very happy. The couple has been able to find a balance between their work life and their personal lives which is very important for them as they have two young daughters that they love.

The couple has been able to successfully renovate the historic homes on their show. They have managed to restore houses that survived the hurricane in 1900 that almost wiped Galveston off the map. Their shows are popular and they are able to get lots of attention on their Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages where they have thousands of followers.

Despite their success, the couple is very down to earth and humble. They have not become too materialistic and they are always willing to help people in need. They have always been very close to their family and friends and this has been a great source of strength for them.

Michael and his wife Ashley are the hosts of the show Restoring Galveston which airs on DIY Network. They are experts in restoring the old houses that have survived the 1900 hurricane. They have managed to build a thriving business through their television shows and have been able to share their knowledge with others. The couple is very generous with their money and they donate a lot of it to charity.

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Michael Cordray was born on March 18, 1982 in Galveston, Texas and is 41 years old this year. He has a wonderful family and they have been supporting him in all his endeavors. His mother, Helen is 77 and his father Emil passed away in 2007. He has an amazing height of 5 feet 11 inches and has a decent body weight. He is a very attractive person and his fans admire him for that. He has a good sense of humor and likes to have fun with his friends.