Michael DeLuise Net Worth

Whether you know Michael DeLuise for his role on the popular television series Gilmore Girls or his roles on a number of other projects, it’s clear that he is an up-and-coming actor. He has a huge list of credits, including a role on the TV show CSI: NY, and has also starred in several movies.

DeLuise was born as Michael Robert DeLuise in Los Angeles, California on August 4, 1969. His father was actor-comedian Dom DeLuise, and his mother was actress Carol Arthur. In addition to acting, DeLuise is also a director, writer and producer. While most of his career has been spent in film and television, he’s worked in a variety of other genres.

The son of actor-comedian Dom DeLuise and actress Carol Arthur, Michael DeLuise has been on the Hollywood scene since he was a child. His early acting career was in the movie “Hot Stuff,” in which he acted as a young Matt Wilson, a bully. Later in his career, he worked with his brother, Peter, in SeaQuest DSV.

After making his debut in the acting world, Michael DeLuise got his first major role on the TV series 21 Jump Street. As Officer Joey Penhall, he worked with Andy Sipowicz’s older son Tony on the cop show. From there, he went on to make guest appearances on Lost and Stargate SG-1. Other notable films include SeaQuest DSV, Wayne’s World, and Encino Man.

A talented painter, Michael DeLuise is also known for his portrait of his mother. It was on display at the Vermont Arts Center in 2011. Before working in the acting world, DeLuise was involved in various other aspects of the entertainment industry. During his childhood, he worked as a pizza delivery boy. And after graduating high school in 1987, he decided to focus on his acting career. Since then, he has appeared in several television shows and has even directed a few movies.

Michael DeLuise has a net worth of $10 million. Some of the notable films that he’s worked on are Hot Stuff, SeaQuest DSV, Wayne’s world, and Encino Man. His filmography also includes appearances on the popular comedy television series Gilmore Girls.

Although the actor doesn’t have any children, he has been in a relationship with pornographic actress Lynn LeMay. The two dated from 1988 to 1990. They divorced in 2002.

Currently, he is active on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. On Facebook, he has an account with the username, ‘MichaelDeLuise.’ Also, Michael has his own website, which you can check out. However, he has yet to update his bio.

Michael DeLuise has been nominated for Daytime Emmy Awards for Candid Camera, but he’s been overlooked by the Academy. He has won a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Television New Dramatic Series in 1998.

When he’s not on the set, Michael DeLuise enjoys playing soccer and listening to classic rock and jazz. He’s a huge fan of Frank Sinatra.