Michael Dezer Net Worth

Michael Dezer is a famous real estate developer. He founded the real estate firm Dezer Properties in 1970, and later he became involved with Donald Trump’s real estate empire. During the 1990s, Dezer purchased properties in the Chelsea area of Manhattan. At this time, the neighborhood was transitioning into a thriving arts community, and he saw an opportunity. With his expertise and vision, he helped to reshape Chelsea into a creative hub for the city of New York.

Dezer’s net worth is estimated to be over 630 million dollars in 2013. In addition to his business, he is an avid collector of classic car memorabilia and cars. He owns an extensive collection of motorbikes, vintage bicycles, and Vespas. And he is the landlord of luxury auto retailer Manhattan Motorcars.

Although he does not reveal his personal life, Dezer has made many contributions to the local community. For instance, he is a founding member of the Mount Sinai Medical Center Foundation. Also, he has been a major donor to the Make America Great Again PAC, and he has contributed $100,000 to the Trump-endorsed PAC. Another charity he is a supporter of is Akindale Farm, a nonprofit farm in Pawling, NY.

While he may not show off his wealth, Dezer has certainly earned it. His company, Dezer Properties, has sold over 3,000 units and has sold billions of dollars in real estate. This includes two towers built for President Donald Trump: the Trump International Hotel and Tower and the Trump Grande Ocean Resort and Residences. The company has also developed six other Trump-branded towers, as well as a variety of residential, commercial, and retail projects.

Some of Dezer’s other projects include the Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, the Grand Ocean Resort and Residences in Fort Lauderdale, and the Hollywood Cars Museum in Las Vegas. But he’s probably best known for his vast car collection, which is one of the largest in the world.

The museum displays more than a hundred cars – most of them movie cars – and includes models from the American classic car era, such as the Ford and Chevy Corvettes, as well as supercars, such as the Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, and Jaguar. It’s a treat for visitors and viewers alike.

Moreover, Dezer is an avid horse racer. SL Green Realty CEO Marc Holliday is a fan of horse racing, and the two of them support Akindale Farm in Pawling. As for his family, Dezer has three children with Neomi Kerekes: Estee Dezer Gurwitz, Leslie Dezer Salmon, and Samuel Dezer. Among them, Gil is the only son of Israeli parents. Besides, he has a good friendship with the current President of the United States.

Although Dezer’s net worth is estimated to top 630 million in 2013, it is difficult to find out how much he earns per year. However, it is clear that he is successful in business, and he has a wide social circle. Indeed, Michael Dezer is a very charismatic and influential figure.