Michael Lofthouse Net Worth – How Much Is Michael Lofthouse Worth?

Michael Lofthouse is the former CEO of solid8, a tech consulting firm in the Bay Area. He made the headlines when he was caught on camera making racist comments to an Asian family. The incident is one of several that have gone viral on social media.

A video shows Lofthouse gesturing with a middle finger. The video also shows him making a no holds barred racist rant. After being caught on video, Lofthouse said he wished he had never said the words. His actions led to threats to his company and his arrest. In the end, he was given a restraining order and sentenced to 80 hours of community service.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube, also caught the attention of singer and songwriter Kelly Clarkson. She tweeted about it, and the post has been viewed over ninety thousand times. While the video itself isn’t the best, it’s one that caught the attention of many.

Several other videos have surfaced in the last few days depicting racist remarks. One of the most infamous videos, which also happened to be the most viewed, shows Lofthouse cursing at an Asian family. Although he may not have been as bad as his brother, it was still bad enough to be caught on camera.

It’s no secret that the Asian community in the United States has had to deal with racism. However, Lofthouse’s comments were a little more than just insulting. Considering how many people have been harmed by the same thing, it’s probably not a surprise that Lofthouse got in trouble. As it turns out, he was only given two days in jail for the incident.

On July 4, 2020, a recording was made of Lofthouse making a less than flattering comment about an Asian family. It’s not clear exactly how the comment was made, but it’s clear that Lofthouse is a man of action.

He was caught on camera making the same kind of comment at a restaurant in Carmel Valley, California. The video prompted an apology from Lofthouse, who said he was just trying to do the right thing. But it seems that the right thing might have been something more meaningful.

He apologized and explained that he had lost control of his temper while making the same type of comments, but he said he was not a racist. He also promised to take some time to think about his actions and what they mean.

He was given a three-year probation, which means he has to do 80 hours of community service each year. He also had to write a statement of apology, which he did.

He also said he will do his part to understand the inequality in the United States, especially the fact that Asians have been pushed to the back of the line for jobs. For his part, Lofthouse has resigned from his Silicon Valley tech startup, solid8.

He has a lot of hobbies, such as collecting watches, and is an avid fan of sports. Despite his recent controversies, he is still a beloved celebrity in his native San Francisco.