Mika Ben Net Worth 2022

Mika Ben is a famous Haitian singer, songwriter, musician, and producer. He has earned a lot of money from his music career. His net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

Mika was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. As a young man, he became popular in the music industry. During his childhood, he had an interest in singing and performing. After completing his education, he moved to Canada. In his teen years, he had a chance to be involved in a music contest called the Christmas Telemax. There, he won the fourth prize for the song Nwel Tristes.

He has won many awards and has contributed to several hit songs. His melodies have been recorded by various artists including J-Perry. The singer has also been honored by Haitian rapper Wyclef Jean.

Aside from his music, he is also known as a philanthropist. This musician devoted a lot of time to improving the lives of people in Haiti after a devastating flood in 2007. It is believed that he helped a number of people with his skills as a singer.

Mika has a wife named Vanessa. They are parents to two kids. One of their children is Leia Benjamin, a daughter. She is currently expecting a child in December 2022. Their son is Abdenwel. Several images of them have been shared on social media. Currently, Vanessa is a nursing instructor and a professor at Saint Petersburg College. Her sister is Tatiana Fanfan.

MikaBen was married to Vanessa in November 2020. According to the reports, they are expecting to give birth to a third child in December 2022. Moreover, they have posted pictures of their children on their web-based entertainment sites.

In addition to her role as a singer and a songwriter, Vanessa is also an entrepreneur. She has partnered with numerous brands. For example, she has collaborated with Krezi Mizik and other singers on a few of their albums. Similarly, she has worked with WARNER Music France, which signed a publishing agreement for four collections. These songs include Ti Pam Nan, which is widely popular in Haiti.

MikaBen has a net worth of over two million dollars. Although he is not yet publicly revealed, it is estimated to be between $1.6 million and $2 million. Among the sources used to determine his net worth is the list of his songs in the Popnable repository. Besides, he has earned a lot of money from his songs, advertising, and producing.

MikaBen has a lot of fans around the world. He is a great performer and has won several prizes. Many famous artists are mourning the loss of his sudden death. He is a talented craftsman and a versatile personality.

Michael Mikaben had a huge impact on the music industry of Haiti. With his popularity, he was able to improve the quality of life of the country. When he passed away, his death was tragic and was a major blow to his family. His sudden death is a travesty to the music industry.