Mike Woodson Net Worth – How Much Is Michael Woodson Worth?

Mike Woodson was a storied basketball player who starred in college and the NBA. He was drafted as the 12th pick in the 1980 draft by the New York Knicks. Throughout his NBA career, he played for the Los Angeles Clippers, Cleveland Cavaliers, Houston Rockets, and the Kansas City Kings.

Before entering the NBA, Woodson attended Indiana University, where he played under the legendary coach Bobby Knight. He also represented the United States National Team at the 1979 Pan American Games in San Juan. When playing for the Hoosiers, he teamed up with future Hall of Fame guard Isiah Thomas.

As a basketball coach, Woodson has earned millions of dollars. He has served as an assistant and head coach for the Los Angeles Clippers and the Atlanta Hawks. During his tenure, he has helped his teams make the playoffs. In fact, in 2012, he led the Knicks to an NBA victory over the Portland Trail Blazers.

Despite his success in the basketball world, Woodson’s personal life is kept private. He was married to Alexis Woodson in 1999 and they have two daughters. One of his daughters, Alexis Woodson, is a volleyball player at Georgia Tech.

The other daughter is Mariah Kayla. Unlike her father, who has no Instagram account, Alexis does. During a visit to Las Vegas in 2016, she was spotted with her mentor.

While in college, Terri Woodson met her husband, Michael Woodson. She went on to become a well-known b-ball player and a mentor for other women. Together, they have a daughter named Mariah Kayla, who was born on May 6, 1991. They are known for their devotion to one another and their children.

Upon retiring from basketball in 1991, Woodson moved on to a career as a coach. He served as the head coach for the Atlanta Hawks from 2004 to 2010. After a disappointing season, he was promoted to full-time head coach of the New York Knicks.

Since that time, he has been a coach for the Indiana Hoosiers. In early 2021, he signed a six-year contract with the team. His base salary will be $550,000 per year, plus he’ll receive a signing bonus of $50,000 for moving expenses. He will also receive a courtesy car, season tickets, and $10,000 for adidas orders. A few endorsement deals have been made, but the bulk of his money has come from his NBA career.

According to some reports, Woodson has a net worth of about $12 million. He is a healthy man who is fit for his age. He weighs 195 pounds and stands 77 inches tall. He is a successful basketball player and a successful basketball coach, and is fit to be a legend in the basketball world.

It’s no secret that Mike Woodson is one of the most popular athletes in the world. Despite his success on the basketball court, he has a large family to support. His mother was a registered nurse, and his father worked multiple jobs to earn a living.