Mikhail Watford Net Worth

Mikhail Watford is an oligarch and famous businessman from Russia. The Russian tycoon made his fortune through oil refineries in Ukraine. In addition to his work as an oligarch, he also owns a real estate firm in London. He lived at a mansion on the Wentworth Estate in Virginia Water, Surrey. There, he had a family of three. One son was born to his first marriage, while another son and daughter were born to his second marriage.

When he died, he was aged 66. His body was found hanging in a garage at his private property in Wentworth. It was discovered by a gardener on February 20, 2022. However, the reason for his death is not clear yet.

The police are currently investigating the cause of Mikhail’s death. They believe that the tycoon’s death is not suspicious at the moment. Rather, the death is being treated as a natural cause. A few speculations have been made, including that the state of mind of the tycoon might have been affected by the Russian-Ukrainian war.

However, as of now, no details are available on how the tycoon met his wife. Jane Watford was 41 years old and she was born in Estonia. After their marriage in 2005, they had two children.

While the exact reason for the tycoon’s death has yet to be confirmed, he was found in a garage at his private property in Surrey. His wife and mother were present at the time of his death. As of now, the Surrey Police have not found any clues of foul play.

During his adolescence, Watford spent some time in Ukraine. He said that he considered the life in the country to be comfortable. However, he moved to the United Kingdom in the early 2000s. That is when he changed his name to Mikhail.

He began working for oil and gas companies after gaining some knowledge. Afterward, he set up a real estate business in London. Although he owned a very expensive mansion in England, his main line of business was the operation of oil and gas refineries.

Watford was a savvy investor who had a good taste in life. His properties were the most expensive and selective in Britain. Among other things, he commissioned a “super-yacht perfect” mansion for his family. But, in 2015, the value of this mansion was just PS 18 million.

Despite his great wealth, Mikhail Watford did not reveal his net worth to the public. Nevertheless, he was estimated to be worth between PS 20 and 25 million. This sum has been updated to include his salary.

Even though he did not have a huge social profile, Mikhail Watford was a very successful tycoon in the oil and gas sector. He had the resources to live a high lifestyle. Nonetheless, he was not a member of the Putin’s inner circle and he has not been targeted by British-backed sanctions.

Since his death, the media has focused on the oligarchs in the UK. Their fortunes and the rumors that they are members of Vladimir Putin’s inner circle are making the public interested in the matter.