Mohamed Ramadan Net Worth

Mohamed Ramadan has made a mark in the world of show business. As an actor, singer, and musician, he has been able to achieve tremendous success in the Middle East. He has been involved in several popular films, and he has appeared in several commercial sponsorships. His performances have won him a great deal of appreciation. Throughout his career, he has been paid well.

Mohamed Ramadan began his acting career in the early 2000s. Initially, he played minor roles in various TV shows. However, he soon moved to larger roles in movies. In 2010, he appeared in the movie Cairo Exit. Later, he had the chance to star in Yousry Nasrahalla’s Ehky ya Sharazad. This was the movie that turned his career into a success.

The Egyptian actor also worked in films produced by some of the most famous and successful Egyptian producers. Among these were Arrest Letter, Wahid Saeiday, and El-Kanz: El-Haqiqah wa el-Khayal 1. He earned a total of $0.95 million from the play “Hello Ramadan”. After this, he got a chance to appear in the TV show, “Hello Ramadan”.

During his youth, he was a talented child performer and he was a part of the school team theatre. Besides, he won the most talented student award for three consecutive years. Eventually, he got admission to Ain Shams University.

Mohammed Ramadan is a tech security expert and an actor. He also deals with advertising and commercial sponsorship in the Arab world. Currently, he is estimated to have a net worth of $10 million. However, it is unknown how much he will earn in the future.

Born in Egypt on May 23, 1988, Mohamed Ramadan has a height of 1.8 meters. He has a daughter named Hanin. Since 2012, he has been married to Nisreen El-Sayed Abdel Fattah. They have two children together, Ali and Kenz.

Despite his young age, he is considered one of the most prominent actors in the Arab world. Mohamed has participated in 15 movies and five television series. He has also been known for his songs, which are widely popular in the region. Many popular artists have been accompanied by him in music videos.

Mohamed Ramadan has two luxury cars, and he lives in a luxurious house in Giza. He has a large fan following on social media. Moreover, he has also been featured in TechCrunch.

Before his marriage, he was a member of a football club. However, he opted to give up his soccer activities and focus on his studies. At the beginning of 2011, he founded his own company. Earlier, he used to work as a penetration tester for a small company in Egypt.

Today, he has a lot of fans and followers all over the world, and he is considered as one of the most popular celebrity in the Middle East. His songs have a huge audience across the region, and he has collaborated with many famous singers.

Apart from his acting and singing skills, he is a talented entrepreneur. Hence, he has been able to amass a large amount of wealth in the past few years.