Montserrat Caballe Net Worth

Montserrat Caballe is a famous operatic soprano. Born in Barcelona, Spain, she became a renowned singer, performing in operas all over the world. She is best remembered for her performances in bel canto operas. Her voice was considered to be powerful and intelligible. In addition, she specialized in Verdi’s major dramatic roles. Montserrat Caballe is also a philanthropist. She was a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF. Throughout her career, Montserrat Caballe earned a large amount of money. She is estimated to have a net worth of $30 million.

Montserrat Caballe was born in Barcelona, Spain on April 12, 1933. Her parents named her after the famous Catalan monastery of Montserrat. When Montserrat Caballe was young, her family was financially precarious. They were fearful of losing their daughter at birth. However, their fears were averted when she began her studies at the Conservatorio del Liceo in Barcelona. After completing her education, she received a gold medal for her performance.

Montserrat Caballe grew up with a musical background. Both of her parents were a singing couple. She studied with Cochita Badia, a Spanish singer, and Napoleone Annovazi, a musical director. Upon graduating from the Conservatorio del Liceo, Montserrat Caballe made her professional debut in Switzerland. Later, she joined the Basel Opera Company, where she was able to perform in the leading parts of the company. During her stay in the company, she made her debut in La boheme.

As an operatic singer, Montserrat Caballe is widely regarded as one of the best. She has performed over 3,800 times in over 80 roles in five continents. The Spanish opera singer was acclaimed for her exceptional vocal style, which was unique in its approach. Although, she is mostly known for singing Verdi’s leading dramatic roles, she also sung many other roles.

Montserrat Caballe has recorded numerous albums. One of them was the album featuring her performance with Freddie Mercury. Another was an album with Bruce Dickinson. She was also known to sing on a number of singles, including a number of re-recordings of classic operas. A few of her albums include collaborations with Eduard Khil. These include the album Barcelona. This particular album included a song that was written by Freddie Mercury for Caballe.

After her successful opera career, Montserrat Caballe became a philanthropist. As a result, she founded the Fundacio Montserrat Caballe in Barcelona. With this organization, she supported young talented musicians and artists. At the age of 85, she died of a stroke. Montserrat Caballe was recognized as the most elite singer in Spain, according to the country’s King Felipe VI.

Before Montserrat Caballe passed away, she had a net worth of $30 million. Her earnings came from her performances and appearances. For example, she sang the song Barcelona for the 1992 Olympics. Her other recordings include complete operas and other vocal works. Among other awards, she won the Grammy Award for her work.

Montserrat Caballe died in October 2018. A Google doodle is dedicated to her.