More Plates More Dates Net Worth

More Plates More Dates, or MPMD, is a fitness and lifestyle website owned by entrepreneur Derek Dawson. The site features articles and videos aimed at men. It also has a podcast and a blog, and it is one of the more popular websites in its category. Despite the large number of subscribers, the site gets little exposure outside of the fitness community.

As you might expect from a site focusing on health and fitness, Derek is well versed in the topic and his YouTube channel is a testament to that. The site, which has a total of 1677 videos, averages a thousand views a day. This makes the channel a very lucrative venture. Since most of the content on the site is free, there is no limit to the amount of revenue that can be earned from viewers.

While the site does not disclose how much he earns from it, it is estimated to be worth between $5 and $10 million. Aside from the profits generated from the site, Derek has also monetized his name by co-founding a company called Gorilla Mind in 2017. In addition to the website, Derek has a hormone replacement therapy clinic named Marek Health, which is also worth its share of the wealth.

Besides his website, Derek has also been active on social media platforms. He has an impressive following of over a million followers. Some of his more popular posts include the one about Joe Rogan’s “bubble gut” and a more interesting video about how a group of Indian men competed in a physique competition. Although he does not talk about his relationship status, it is clear that he is in a committed relationship.

While Derek has not been directly linked to any major scandals, his presence on social media means that he is more than likely involved in some shady activity. Nevertheless, the site has managed to churn out some quality content and it is doubtful that his total assets will be decimated by a scandal.

For example, the site’s most successful video offers an in depth look at Joe Rogan’s “bubble gut” – a subject about which Derek has considerable knowledge. The video has garnered over one and a half million views, making it one of the most popular of all time. There is no clear winner for the most viewed video, but the one about Indian men competing in a physique contest is a close second.

The site’s most interesting feature is probably the fact that it has been in business since 2006. Derek is also a philanthropist, having donated funds to the Canadian National Institute of Health. Among other things, he has also founded a medical research foundation dedicated to prostate health.

With more than a million unique monthly visitors, it’s no surprise that Derek has amassed a huge following. However, the real moneymakers are his TRT clinic and Gorilla Mind, which are undoubtedly a large part of his success.