Morissette Amon Net Worth

Morissette Amon is a well-known R&B singer and actress. She was born in Cebu, Philippines on June 2, 1996. Her parents are Analie Daug and Amay Amon. They are also musicians and songwriters. The young girl has several sources of income including a talent show.

Amon began her singing career at the age of 14 when she auditioned for the Filipino version of “Star Factor.” She finished in second place and went on to release her debut album. She is a member of the Birit Queens and is regularly featured on the ASAP television series. In early 2014, she signed a recording contract with Star Music/Star Records.

According to reports, Morissette’s estimated net worth is $5 million. But it is difficult to determine how much of this wealth she has accumulated because of her modest lifestyle. Despite her success, Amon has not revealed any information about her family and marital status. Nevertheless, she has a few friends and acquaintances, such as Khalid and Kehlani.

During her heyday, Morissette was known for her music videos. Among her famous hits is “Love on Top”, a song from Beyonce Knowles’ “Star Factor” contest. However, the song is only part of the star’s impressive list of accomplishments.

Another notable accomplishment was her role as Mitchie Torres in Disney’s Camp Rock: The Musical. In the movie, she performed alongside Markki Stroem. After the film, she starred in the TV movie Rod Santiago’s The Sisters, where she portrayed Young Carlota. At the age of 16, she became the family breadwinner. Despite her success, she still pursued her dream of becoming a musician.

She has also participated in the Bolt of Talent show. She is one of the six artists who won in this competition. This was an honor for Morissette, as she was able to showcase her versatility as a performer. For her contribution, she was rewarded with two bronze awards from the Wishclusive Elite Circle.

Having achieved success at such a young age, Morissette is no doubt the richest R&B singer in the world. Though she has not released any official personal details about herself, she has a few social media accounts. Currently, she is in Canada for a show. Despite the fact that she has never publicly addressed her relationship with her daughter, Amay, it is believed that she and her husband are already reunited.

Having earned millions from her primary profession as a singer, Morissette has branched out to become an actress as well. She has appeared in several TV5 shows, and has had her own reality show on ABS-CBN called Homegrown Divas. As she continues her career, she will most likely have to break out from her mentor’s shadow. Until then, she will be content to follow in her mentor’s footsteps.

The most important achievement of her career is probably her participation in “The Voice”. She was able to show off her vocal prowess by putting together the best pitch and performance in the show.