Mozart La Para Net Worth

The Dominican rapper, singer, and actor Mozart La Para (real name: Erickson Fernandez) is a successful musical artist. He was born on January 31, 1988, in the Los Mina area of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. His first song was released in 2002. Since then, he has been able to make a name for himself in the Latin music scene.

He is considered one of the most popular rappers in the country. He is currently a member of Roc Nation, a label based in New York. In 2010, his single Mi Yo Quisiera became a hit. This helped him to rise to fame. Other songs from him include Soy Calle and Firstro Que Kanye.

He has also appeared in films such as Pueto pa’mi, Los Paracaidistas, and El cumple de La Para. He has also participated in the Batalla de los Gallos, a competition sponsored by an Austrian company.

Mozart La Para’s estimated net worth is $1 million. His primary sources of income are Google, Wikipedia, and Forbes. Throughout his career, he has achieved millions of views on YouTube. Although, he is not married, he is in a relationship with actress Dalissa Alegria. They have a daughter named Charlotte. Despite this, they have decided to split up.

When he was young, Mozart La Para showed interest in music. As a teenager, he began freestyling. While his friends started to adopt the dembow and tropical pop sounds, he was more interested in the Latin hip hop sound. After he turned eighteen, he began to write his own songs.

He later went on to become one of the most renowned artists in the Dominican Republic. He has won numerous awards including six Premios Soberano. Moreover, he is the first Latin artist to sign with Roc Nation.

Currently, he has an Instagram account with more than 5.3 million followers. On his YouTube channel, he has accumulated over 576 million views. In addition to this, he has a YouTube mini-documentary titled Where I’m From. He has also appeared in several movies such as Los Paracaidistas, La Maravilla, and El Cumple de La Para.

Mozart is a very good looking man with a fit body. He has dark hair and bruised eyes. Aside from that, he has an average height.

Mozart La Para has been in the music industry for twenty years. Before he became famous, he was a regular participant in local freestyle battles. However, he didn’t get the spotlight until he was signed by Roc Nation. During his career, he has won several awards, such as the Billboard Tropical Songs chart and Premios Soberano.

The Dominican rapper, singer, and actor is now a father. He and Alexandra Hatch have a daughter named Charlotte. Despite being divorced, they maintain a cordial relationship.

Earlier in his career, he was known as Mozart, but now he uses the stage name of Erickson Fernandez. He has appeared in many films and he has earned a great fame. Besides that, he is a successful musician who has a wide range of properties.