Mr Tod’s Pies Net Worth

Tod Wilson has had a whirlwind of success in his pie business. He has been featured on Shark Tank, Oprah, Rachel Ray, and Food Network. His pies have even made appearances in a gift guide published in Jet magazine. And he’s sold thousands of his pies on QVC. Ultimately, Wilson hopes to make millions in his pie business.

Founded in 2002, Mr. Tod’s Pies is now one of the most successful pie companies in the United States. Its sweet potato pie is a signature flavor, but it also offers a variety of other comfort foods. It has two retail locations, as well as online sales. The company has a net worth of $10 million.

While Tod Wilson initially started his business in a store in New Jersey, he quickly expanded to a wholesale operation. That’s where the business got its name. In order to make his pie business viable, he decided to expand it to online and other retail sales. This strategy helped the business grow. However, his financial position changed, as he began running into cash flow problems.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, Wilson owned a pie shop in New Jersey, but he eventually decided to focus on his wholesale business. Initially, he was selling his pies in ShopRite stores in New Jersey. But, after a few years, he switched to a website, which allowed him to sell his pies to consumers throughout the United States.

Once his site gained enough popularity, he opened up another store in SoHo, which was the city where he lived. He’s now expanding his business by offering deliveries. Currently, he’s looking to raise $300,000 to build a production facility and start a street marketing team.

After his appearance on Shark Tank, the business increased dramatically. Its revenues quadrupled, and its valuation tripled. Daymond John offered him a deal: he could receive a 50% equity stake in the company, with a 20 percent commission. In exchange, Wilson would accept $460,000. As a result, his net worth jumped from around $920,000 to almost $1 million.

On the show, Wilson set an optimistic tone. Despite a tough past, he was still able to succeed. He was the first entrepreneur to appear on the show, and he was rewarded with an impressive bump in his net worth.

Wilson’s story is an inspiration to other entrepreneurs. He learned how to run a business from his mother, and he developed an interest in baking. Eventually, he returned to the bakery that he interned at in high school, where he discovered that he had an aptitude for sales. Now, he owns a national brand of pies, and is competing with Sara Lee.

Even before the show, Wilson had a good reputation. He had previously appeared on Rachael Ray and Oprah, and he had sold thousands of pies to customers on QVC. He’s also been featured in the Food Network’s Sweet Genius. Alicia Keys has also been a fan of his pies.