Myesha Boulton Net Worth

Myesha Boulton is a famous American model. She is a pulse size model and is popular on Instagram. The aspiring model is known for her sexy looks. She is also a brand ambassador. However, her net worth is yet to be formally disclosed. Besides modeling, she has appeared in numerous fashion shows. As a model, she enjoys flaunting her curves on social media.

She has garnered a large following on Instagram, where she is known as Mya Curvz. Besides posting modeling content, she broadcasts amazing videos as well. She has also advertised several fashion labels. Moreover, she has appeared in many commercials. Interestingly, she also has her own official website.

Myesha Boulton is not married and has not shared her personal details with the public. But she has had one relationship. Her birthday is on August 20. This is the most important date on her calendar. She is not known to have children, but she does enjoy traveling around the world. In addition, she is active on Tik Tok.

One of her most notable achievements is her weight loss journey. She has gained a lot of popularity for her weight loss and her success story has sparked the interest of many people. Though there are no confirmed facts on her weight loss, she has claimed that she achieved the feat naturally.

Another feat she had to accomplish was the creation of her own Instagram account. Initially, she just used the popular social network to spread the word about her career. It was not until she began to post photos and video content that she started to attract an audience. After a while, her pictures went viral and she accumulated a significant following. Nevertheless, it is only a matter of time before her Instagram account reaches its full potential.

Despite her accomplishments, Myesha is still in her twenties. She is currently based in Dallas, Texas. Her height is a rather standard 5″6″ and her weight is 65 kg. When she started her career, she was a model for many brands, but she has since branched out to other platforms.

Myesha has gained a net worth of approximately $9 million. Most of her income is derived from modeling. However, she has also earned money through various investments and other sources. According to reports, she has made at least $1 million from her Instagram Star career.

She has received negative attention from her critics, but she remains a fan favorite. She is known to be the epitome of body positivity and has a very attractive figure. Some fans claim that she has undergone plastic surgery to achieve her gorgeous look. Others are skeptical about her claims. While most skeptics dismiss her as a fraud, it should be noted that she has gone through some serious training in order to achieve the impressive results she has.

Although her achievements are commendable, her net worth is not so stellar. She cannot afford to spend a fortune on a lavish lifestyle.