Nan Whaley Net Worth

Nan Whaley is an American Politician who has been the city hall leader of Dayton since 2013. She was elected to the office in November 2013, beating out incumbent John Cranley, and was reelected in November 2017. Her administration has been instrumental in implementing Dayton’s first Bike Share program and taking steps to make the city a more bicycle friendly community.

The social media star has been known to update fans on her progress on a frequent basis. She has been seen posting screen shots from magazine covers and sharing details about her life with followers. As of this writing, her twitter account has over 3000 followers. While her Instagram page is not quite as prolific, she occasionally posts sultry videos and a few selfies.

Nan is a well-educated woman with an undergraduate degree from the University of Dayton, and a masters in public administration from Wright State University. She has worked in several government positions, including as deputy to Montgomery County Auditor Karl Keith. Nan also served on the board of Trustees for Dayton Access Television. Before taking on the role of city hall leader, she served on the Greater Ohio Community Revitalization Committee.

She has also made a few notable appearances in the media. She was the subject of a news article in The Social Network, and she also appeared in a TED Talk video. In addition to being a politician, Nan is a member of the Corpus Christi Catholic Church and the Corpus Christi Community Foundation. During her time in Dayton, she has also become an advocate for the county-wide landbank system, and has taken steps to make the city a more bike-friendly community.

Nan’s net worth has been estimated to be $1 million. Her primary source of income is as a Politician. However, her net worth is expected to rise significantly in the coming years.

Nan’s wife, Sam Braun, has also been seen on her Instagram page. Although his career has not been as well-documented, he has been a city leader for many years, and has been seen in Nan’s photos and videos. He has been a longtime resident of the Five Oaks neighborhood, and has been active on his wife’s social media accounts. Despite the fact that he is not very visible on social media, his presence has certainly helped his wife in her run for office.

Nan Whaley is a smart lady, and she is also an impressive politician. She is a member of the National Conference of Democratic Mayors, and the Second Vice President of the US Conference of Mayors. When she is not engrossed in her day-to-day tasks, she is likely to be found in her studio where she shows off the latest and greatest in her life. Aside from her social media profiles, you can also find her a few times a year in the lobby of the Ohio Statehouse.

Considering that Nan has been a major player in the political world for a while, she has accumulated a significant amount of money. She is rumored to have a net worth of $1-6 million.