Nancy Kovack Net Worth

Nancy Kovack is an American Actress. She appeared in many tv shows and movies. She has a very attractive personality. She was born in 1935. Her father used to work in General Motor plants and her mother was a housewife.

Her first debut was for the television series. She has an excellent talent in acting and dancing. She has a very beautiful voice as well. She is now 86 years old and is living a retired life of an actor. She is married to an Indian director and Music Manager, Zubin Mehta. Her net worth is estimated to be $1 million – $6 million dollars. She has earned such a huge amount of money from her primary career as an actress.

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Nancy is an avid traveler and has travelled to almost all states of the United States. She has also toured various European and Asian countries. She is a foodie and loves to cook as well. She is also fond of painting. She likes to read books on history, philosophy and spirituality as well.

She is a family woman and has two children. Her husband, Zubin Mehta is a music director and conductor. They are a very close-knit couple. They have been together for over 51 years and have been married since 1969. The two have been blessed with twins. The names of the children are Ori and Alexander. The exact dates of their births are not known, as the couple has chosen to keep this private.

Besides her work as an actress, she is also a talented painter and has been able to showcase her works in many exhibitions across America. She has won several awards in her lifetime. In 2011, she received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Society of Film Critics. She was also nominated for a Golden Globe award for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series or Movie for her role in the television show Mannix.

There are very few men in Hollywood who have not been smitten by the beauty of Nancy. She was rumored to have dated several famous guys in the past including William Shatner, Peter Romano and Cary Grant. She is currently married to Zubin Mehta and they have been together for over 51 years.

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Nancy is also a very devoted mother. She has fought against her personal assistant, Susan McDougal to bring her to justice. Her unwavering determination to see justice served is truly inspirational. The case eventually ended in her favor, but she has not stopped fighting for her rights as an actress. Moreover, she has made a name for herself in the industry by standing up against sexual harassment and assault. This has made her a much-respected actress today. She has set an example for other celebrities as well. She is an inspiration to women who have faced similar situations in their lives. This is why she has a special place in the hearts of her fans.