Nancy Kovack Net Worth

When Nancy Kovack was born in 1935, she had the opportunity to follow her dreams. She was the daughter of a plant manager for General Motors in Flint, Michigan. At the age of fifteen, she enrolled in school at the University of Michigan. By the time she was 20 years old, she had won eight beauty titles.

After completing her education, she decided to pursue a career in acting. She signed a contract with Columbia Pictures. Her first appearance was on the TV show Today in 1952. The actress then became a radio deejay at 16.

Kovack starred in the 1963 film Jason and the Argonauts, in which she played the high priestess Medea. This film was written by Jan Read and Beverley Cross and directed by Don Chaffey. It was based on the story of a Greek hero who searched for the legendary Golden Fleece.

Kovack married conductor Zubin Mehta in 1969. They have two children, Mervon and Zarina. Both the parents prefer keeping their children away from the media’s attention. However, they have attended award shows together.

After being married, the couple lived in Munich for half a year. In the early 1960s, they returned to the United States. Kovack was then cast as Clio Vanita on the ABC series Glee Girls. For five episodes, she played the character.

After leaving Glee Girls, Nancy Kovack began to pursue her film career. She was cast in many films, including Frankie and Johnny (1966) with Elvis Presley, and Diary of a Madman (1963) with Vincent Price. Later, she appeared in the Star Trek series for three episodes.

Before her acting career, she was a model for a few months. In addition, she participated in various beauty pageants. While in high school, she won eight beauty contests.

Kovack’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $6 million. Although she is no longer active on the screen, she is known for her iconic performances in movies. Since the mid-nineties, she has been a highly-recognized actress. Aside from her movie roles, she has been involved in many philanthropic endeavors.

As an actor, she has received critical acclaim for her work on the TV show Batman. She also received a nomination for an Emmy Award for her role as Darrin’s former girlfriend, Shiela Sommers, on the series Mannix.

After her marriage, Kovack has remained in Los Angeles, where she lives with her husband, conductor Zubin Mehta. Though she has not appeared in front of the camera since her marriage, she has been successful in her professional acting career. She has appeared in such films as the family action adventure Jason and the Argonauts, which was directed by Don Chaffey. Another film she has been cast in is the family comedy The Outlaws Is Coming (1965), with the Three Stooges.

In 2016, Mehta became an honorary conductor for the Teatro San Carlo in Naples. He is the former music director of the New York Philharmonic. He is currently the conductor emeritus of the Los Angeles Philharmonic.