Naoko Takeuchi Net Worth

The Japanese manga artist Naoko Takeuchi is known internationally for her ‘Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon’ and ‘Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon’ series. Her works are also adapted into a live action TV show and anime. She has earned awards such as the “Kodansha Comic Prize for NewComers” and “Kodansha Manga Award for Shoujo.”

Naoko Takeuchi was born in Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan on March 15, 1967. She is married to Yoshihiro Togashi and has two children, a daughter and a son, who share her name. As of January 9, 2023, she has a net worth of $5 million.

She received her education at Kofu Ichi High School and Kyoritsu University, earning degrees in chemistry and pharmacy. During her high school years, she served as a temple maiden at the Shiba Daijingu shrine.

When she was young, Naoko read shojo manga. At that time, she was a member of a manga club. Eventually, she was hired as a staff member of Keio University Hospital. She worked on one-shot pieces and wrote her first major work, the Maria manga.

‘Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon’ is a story about a reincarnated celestial Heroine named Usagi Tsukino. It was published in 1991 and was a bestselling title. In 1993, it won the 17th Kodansha Manga Award for shoujo. Other manga titles of Naoko Takeuchi include the ‘Cherry Project’, ‘Prism Time’, ‘Love Call’, ‘Candy Candy’, and ‘Pretty Guardian Sailor Moo’.

Naoko’s ‘Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon’ anime series, which was produced by Toei Animation, was a soaring success, and became a multi-billion dollar franchise. Several companies began developing merchandise and other merchandising for the series. There are currently over twenty years of development behind the ‘Sailor Moon’ franchise.

Naoko has had several scandals in her life. She has been married to Yoshihiro Togashi since 1999. Though she hasn’t been married for that long, they still have two children. One child is named Shing and the other is Shingo.

Takeuchi’s personal life has been a source of inspiration for her Sailor Moon franchise. For instance, she took her own family history and put names on the Sailor Moon characters that she herself had ancestors. This allowed her to create an international franchise that has a huge following.

Aside from her work as a writer and manga artist, Naoko Takeuchi has also written and sung songs for anime television shows based on her manga. She also has her own studio, Princess Naoko Planning, located in Azabu Juban, Japan. Some of the items that are owned by the studio include a Ferrari F512, and a Porsche 911.

Naoko Takeuchi is a popular cartoonist and is listed among the most successful cartoonists. Her manga has sold over thirty-five million copies. She has been a guest at San Diego Comic-Con in 1998. And she has also been involved in the ‘Sailor Moon Crystal’ anime series.

The majority of her income comes from her work as a comics artist. She has a Facebook page, Twitter account, and an IMDb page.